The Amazing Spiderman : The Movie

Warning : Contains Spoilers. Don’t read, go watch the movie, then come back and then read. Then post up comments.

So far,  people have been posting up blasé reviews. They don’t remember as the fans do.

They hit the nail on the head.

Andrew Garfield plays a perfect Peter Parker. Clumsy, awkward, the schlep that doesn’t fit in. This is the Peter that we’ve read. Forgetting things, messing things up in social situations, showing off his nerdiness. This is what the previous movie franchise needed.

And that’s the biggest problem. It became a franchise. Not a series of stories. Once you remove that vital function of this type of story telling, you destroy it with the marketing.

Hollywood, just, please. Stop doing that.

I did enjoy the previous movies. I said that. I had a couple of cringe out loud moments in the current movie where an unecessary story line was delivered a little too flat. There were a lot of those in Spider-Man 3.  But then again, I don’t consider that part of the series.

Other performances!

Emma Stone, plays a very good Gwen Stacy. But in order to get some character development, we all know what is going to happen to her, possibly in the next movie.

Doctor Kurt Connors, the malleable character portrayed in so many other ways. Hey, I’m a villain, no I’m a Doctor. Oh hey, I’m a husband and a father. Wait, I’m a drug addict, hold that. I’m a plot device. Great performance from Ryhs Ifan portraying this version of the character.

And there was one common theme throughout the whole movie. It took me back to the comic books.

Peter Parker, the everyman in tights. Smart talking humor during the big action fight scenes, still a schmuck screwing things up despite his huge intellect.

As I previously mentioned about Christopher Nolan and the Batman franchise, ‘not so much of a reboot, but more of returning the series to the roots of the primary readership.’ You keep the story to the true heart of the character, and it will fly.

Future hopes for the series!

Avengers? It’s been off and on that Spidey is an Avenger, no he isn’t… Wouldn’t mind seeing something along the line of ‘Rejected admissions’. But it has to be fun, in order for it to work.

Black Cat – Shouldn’t appear until Peter is actually in College. But, to totally geek out, here’s hoping that Felicia Day will play Felicia Hardy. Or perhaps Emilie Ullerup… just putting it out there.

Kingpin. I know primarily that the Green Goblin has been more of a villain for Spider-man, but some of the best confrontations are with villains that Spidey just cannot defeat. (See Batman and Rah’s Al Ghul. )

Venom. Okay, the reason why it works in the comics, as the symbiote is an alien from another planet. And Peter brings it back to Earth as the black costume during Marvels response to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Peter defeats the symbiote, only to have Eddie Brock get it. So once again, like in the movie, it’s Peter’s fault. Almost not necessary for Peter’s character development to have this villain… wait they turned Venom into an anti-hero?

Mary Jane/Kraven/Peters Dead story line. This would be an awesome trilogy in itself. Peter finally gets the nerve to go ask MJ for her hand in marriage. Kraven systematically breaks Spider-man down, buries him alive, and then replaces him in New York.

Please no clones. No alternate costumes/persona’s. This is where the smart-alec high flying wit of Peter’s banter ended, and one of the reasons why I stopped reading the series.

Cameos. Some of the most memorable issues in the series are the ones where Spidey makes cameos in other comics. Anyone else remember the Fantastic Four issue, where Johnny gives Peter a replacement uniform and a paperbag to wear over his head? I’d just love to see a scene with Peter and Sue Richards…

“So you could have just wrap the Lizard up with a force field? So why didn’t the police phone the Baxter Building reception and ask … Oh, that’s right, you guys were in space. Again.”

That’s it. Post is subject to future edits and additions.

You have been warned.

I’m still here,