Oscar Picks

Here’s Oscar Picks from my room mate and I.
The initials DH are for dark horse odds.

Best Picture:
P: Inception DH: The Social Network
C: The Kings Speech DH: Winters Bone

Best Actor:
P: Colin Firth DH: Jeff Bridges
C: Colin Firth DH: Jesse Eisenberg

Best Actress:
P:Natalie Portman DH: Michelle Williams
C:Jennifer Lawrence DH: Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor:
P:Geoffry Rush DH: Jeremy Renner
C:Christian Bale DH:Geoffry Rush

Best Supporting Actress:
p: hbc aka Helena dh:haylee steinfeld
C: Haylee DH:Melissa Leo

Best Animated:
P:Toy Story 3 DH: How to Train Your Dragon
C:Toy Story 3 DH: The Illusionist

Best Director:
P:Cohen Bros DH:Russel
C:David Fincher DH:Coen

Best Adapted Screenplay:
P:True Grit DH:The Social Network
C:The Social Network DH:True Grit

Best Original Screenplay:
P: Inception DH: Kings Speech
C: Inception DH: Kings Speech

Rules: First pick gets 2 points, dark horse picks gets 1 point, neither win, lose a point.

I’m still here,

Follow up post on this maybe tomorrow or eventually.