NaNoWriMo 2014 – WINNER! Project : Get It Done… almost complete!

52190 into 3 different zero drafts. These aren’t even first drafts, as I’m still world building as I’m writing.

Project : Spooky, which started 5 years ago. Project : Hero, the unfinished failed 2012 NaNo got its finish. And the newest idea Project : Witchy.

Spooky has a working title, to be revealed if you follow these feeds. And I’m going to rewrite and plan it out, to get it over 50k, for novella size. One Eyed Press is looking for horror submissions, and shorter length novellas. Would be very nice to get paid for the time on this, little quirky idea of ‘Hey, I don’t write horror, this would be a really good challenge’. And some readings, people got genuinely creeped out. So…. I guess it’s working somehow…?

Hero needs the big messy middle done up, as I skipped over Act 4, the big finish is done and I can work backwards now, as one of the three main plotlines is a murder mystery. I’ll be cleaning up all the King City stories on here, and rebuilding the website, in the new year.

And finally Witchy, which came from inspiration of Las Vegas, and all the statues of the gods at Caesars Palace. The story now needs more erotic supernatural scenes, more glitter, more gods, more demi-gods and forces of nature, and more smooching and romanticy angst… and of course, since it is unfinished, Witchy has to get finished. Finish the zero draft, which is over 30k in words that I started around Nov 12th or so. (I’d appreciate a poke from regular readers to see how the status of this is coming along.)

So much for the plan to do the reverse NaNo writing schedule. ( Basically day 1 is the biggest writing day out of all the days, and on the last day you write two words. The End. As there are times, when I could not write every day, and had obligations, there are days that I needed to get away from the keyboard and not think at all about the writing. The rest from the creative. But that article and general philosophy did help, trying to push above that 1667 daily count every time I sat down to dedicate time to write. Every time it was “Write some more. Can’t write on that one draft, skip to another draft, do more on another story. Don’t stop until you can’t write anymore.”

This year seemed a lot easier overall, but getting past that 35k hurdle was the biggest jump. Even harder to get to that point, than the last 15k.

I didn’t think I was going to finish this year.

Even with 3 different distractive drafts to work on.


Throw the characters into peril, and they shine. I found myself stuck once I started removing peril, and allowing them to easily find their way out of situations. If the characters are having picnics and happy shiny times, the reader, and myself as the conduit of these characters, get bored.


Throw a looming deadline and once again, the words begin to flow smoother at the last minute.

It’s not great writing, it’s fluff, it’s crap. It’s junk food entertainment, not deep literature.


It’s better than the writing I didn’t do last year.



It’s coming…

Writing this week. Around 800 words. This entire week.

This includes short story submission to Shotgun Honey. Makes me realize how many bad habits I’ve fallen into since last November…  Then I realize, NaNoWriMo is in 26 days.

I’m going to have to go back over the trainwrecks of 2009 and 2010, read them over. This year is the last of the fantasy trilogy. (Idea : Orphaned girl can control forged metal.) I have to reaquaint myself with the characters. I have to do a list of all the plot points I want to cover. Of previous years work, this year might be the most difficult. First year, I could make stuff up and world build the first book, make things up as I went. The second I could introduce more characters and sub-plots, fill those word counts up with fantastic side descriptions and their actions. Ripoff more angst and drama than all soap opera history. The third… this year? I have to wrap it up. I could make this book 3 of 5. But without a finish on the story, it doesn’t get edited. It doesn’t get completed. I can’t do a second draft if I don’t have that ending. I cannot go back and say, ‘Okay that was a big organic mess, let’s strip this down to the core elements, tighten up number of characters, justify the drama and intrigue and begin draft 2 now that I know the characters and world.’

I could do 30 short stories for November. One per day. Yikes! Tempting, but that is a realistic weekly writing goal. 1 story per week. 52 stories. Flash Fiction.  Musings. Rants. (Gods help me, poetry?) Double or triple up some weeks as I know there will be some weeks when I will not be able to do any writing at all. Then post these up.  As any person who wants their creative work exposed to the world for feedback needs;  put it out for the world to read. (Thanks Leo)

So what is NaNoWriMo? In a nutshell, you write 1667 words per day. Everyday in November. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be well thought out. It doesn’t have to be truly creative or new. It just has to be 50’000 words by November 30th midnight.

This is just an exercise to get rid of the crap writing. It is a challenge that anyone who wants to write for a living or pursuing the passion must try. To find the daily habit and keep going. To find elegance and style within the upcoming 10’000 hours or 1 million words, whatever it takes before you become Good at it.

Work the craft by working on the craft.

Get that daily journal and writing in over at or 3 pages of handwritten daily journaling in first, then start on the 1667 per day.  Note to self:  Rewrite my NaNo oath, revise and update it.

In order to do this, I am going to drop all the indecisiveness and just write.

Don’t hesitate, just write.

Anything else is just good intentions. And that doesn’t get the story written.

I’m still here,

(Word count for week including this sentence, 1300.)

The NaNoWriMo Oath

I will get at least 6 hours of sleep per night. (I will not join the raid/storming castle, or fire up the console. I won’t go to the midnight show. I will take sufficient rest so my brain is well tuned to write and create worlds. I will combat my own insomnia in my own way and not use it for an excuse to keep writing.)

I will enjoy the work. (Whether it takes an hour, two hours, three, per day to get my word count, I will enjoy it. I will embrace the stress, and LAUGH!)

I will only write down what is pertinent to my novel. (If I absolutely must get that brilliant idea down, I will put it in a small text file and not look at it until December. December. December, December, December. Not anytime sooner than December. See my point? I will not incorporate into current work. Go back to it in December. Unless it’s really cool and I can work it in. Plausibly work it in.)

I will eat food. (Also, I will take regular breaks away from the keyboard to stretch and tend to those who are in my life. Some of you may know that children and spouses who cannot fend for themselves are still important to have in your lives. It’s better to have them happy in your life, than cranky and starving. As well, getting blood clots in my legs causing massive brain hemmoraging strokes because I haven’t moved in 6 hours is a terribly embarrasing way to die. I’ve heard this ‘excercise’ thing is good for promoting blood circulation and clearing the fog from the brain.)

I won’t panic. (Well, only if there is blood or fire. And even then, if I do, it won’t help. It really doesn’t. If you are too busy panicing, you aren’t writing.)

I will get my daily word count. (Barring that, I will make plans on when I will get caught up and stick to those plans. If I must take weekends off, I will make my word count of 2500 per day. And it’s really easy to take one day off, it’s harder to write more when you are already tired with a larger word count to make up for.)

I will keep the suck in my writing and not edit it out. (I will also keep the good, the bad, the ugly, the mundane, the plotholes. This is not a publishable work, and if it is, you should be writing as full time employment. Even so, you’ll have time to do a decent first draft. I however, shall make this my ZERO draft, a very large story bible/universe to draw upon. Operation : Torture characters for drama underway. If they don’t make it, then I know my characters strengths and weaknesses.)

I will learn from my mistakes and not become discouraged. There is life before and after NaNoWriMo. (Even if I don’t make my 50k, I will gain perspective and keep writing, I will not let this challenge stop me from sharing my stories with others. Shorter stories probably.)

I will not blog/edit other stories/brainstorm new stories. (Um, okay, maybe just this once, but my word count is up to Saturday!)

I’m still here,

For more information on National Novel Writing Month, please visit the website, and donate. Your contribution will help talented students in low resource schools.