Inception is not a new story

Inception is not a new story. For generations now, sci-fi readers have read stories revolving around the concept of ‘everything you think you know is wrong’. Whether this is in dream fashion, or virtual reality, or misplaced memories. I’m not saying that Inception is a bad story. Trust me, if I could get my stories as elegant and well structured as Inception, I would be quite happy as a writer. Characters are plausible and tragically human.

It’s also not a matter of this being a summer blockbuster. I’m of the opinion that Nolan is the film world equivalent of Genghis Khan and Rupert Murdoch for simultaneously invading and cornering the right market for this film. The timing of other ‘soft’ sci-fi into mainstream (Battlestar Galactica, Kings) has actually softened the masses and made them ready for this story. Any type of hard science is interspersed between major parts of character development. The special effects are not eye candy, they literally are mind blowing as they all support the main story. (It’s nice to hear from those people around me that they are going to a film because of the story and not because of the THINGS GO BOOM ON BIG SCREEN effect.) The timing and pacing of the film also play a great role. Tension and buildup to the pivotal points are not overdone but interweave beautifully.

Inception definitely makes it to my list of all time favorite films, and I can’t wait to see it again. Oh yes, one of the best parts about this brilliant piece of work, it poses more questions than answers. But until you’ve seen it, you don’t have those questions in your head, or do you?

So if you liked Inception, head on over to your local library… (that’s where all the books sleep) Recommended reading – Jack L. Chalkers Wonderland Gambit trilogy, where literally everything you think you know is wrong.

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As per this website, Disney comics Scrooge McDuck actually preceded Inception. Read at your own discretion, spoilers involved.

More proof that no story is original.