Day 6 – Convenience

In order to master something and become graceful, one needs to do it for 10’000 hours.

In order to master to anything, you need passion, and stick with it. Through bad and good, every step forward is success, BUT!


Success is not necessarily Easy.

It is however, doing one thing at a time.

In an age of convenience, marketing has merely seconds to catch your attention. Every moment they want your dollars, split second decisions can make or break corporations. The modern advertising campaign has to convince you in seconds to go along with their plans. When our heads are full with intentions to keep up with the masses, we cannot think for ourselves. (This might not fit for this blog, but I may do another ramble on it later, someone remind me. Okay? Thanks!)

So. Do you still have your New Years Resolutions? Or are you done with them? Look up the statistics on failure rates. It is astounding how much people give up… when they are trying to do the impossible.  “I’m going to lose seven hundred pounds this year.” “I’m going to give up that dirty habit and never return to it. Next week.” “Tomorrow I’m going to stop procrastinating.” 

Let your own plan convince you. Make it reasonable. Make it a small change. Don’t try and eat the elephant in one shot, take one bite at a time. My quit smoking mantra at one point was, “I don’t have to get through the week without a cigarette. I don’t have to get through the day without a cigarette. I just have to get through the next five minutes without a cigarette.”

Of a 30 day yoga challenge, the first week is the worst apparently. But what I am taking out of this?

I am doing yoga today, so I can do it tomorrow.

That’s it. Just do yoga today. Every day that I go in, and do yoga, I fall out of position, I sweat and strain, I am dealing with emotions that are being provoked from tension being released. Is it easy? No. Is it hard? It’s harder to start up once you haven’t done it in a while.

But is yoga hard? I’d say it is one of the most demanding activities you can put yourself through. Once you get past the physical barriers, which could take years, there are still mental barriers to get through.

And that is one of the hardest things you can ever do in your lifetime. Getting past yourself to get towards your goals. But I’m doing it. With one small change per day.

And with each little change, with each little step I take, I make impossible things convenient and easy for myself.

There. Now if that isn’t a plan for myself, I don’t know what is.

I’m still here,


P.S. My advertising budget for these thoughts didn’t have room for the Playboy bunnies or the Magnum P.I. Ferrari, so I stuck with this blog. And this really nice cup of green tea. Cheers!

Another lap around the sun

Hi, I’m Pearce Kilgour, you may know me from such events as, ‘Who is that guy and why is he wearing that hat?’ or ‘Is that a Geocacher or is-ooh, that branch got him good.’ Besides having my name misspelled on a daily basis, I have been known as the better geek that you should know. You’ll find musings, rants, reviews, and if the sun is shining just right, the occasional fiction post. Just poke around. I will in the near future put more fun stuff on here.

Yesterday, I completed my 36th lap around the sun. Well, I didn’t do much to help it out, the earth did quite a bit of that. So I give thanks.

Within the past lap around the sun, I’ve done the following
– I have travelled to the south end of Saskatchewan,
– Visited Disneyland and Universal Studios with my daughter (very crowded)
– Completed a 50’000 word novel in 22 days, (mainly adverbs, not even good first draft, book 2 of trilogy, book 1 was done last year’s NaNoWriMo)
– There is no fourth item, (It just neatly fills it out, take a look at the whole thing. Cool, right?)
– Shaved my chin to have just a moustache on halloween, (Magnum PI) and now growing out winter beard…(until I get tired of the facial hair, or when I know it will be warmer.)

Not too much of a big list, but a good start, considering that previously my life was primarily introvert and not accepting the world, hiding in books and video games. Just having a list of accomplishments and goals is better than not having one at all.

Thirty six laps, okay, years, enough of that silliness. And a lot of life changes. I’d like to think this not as a mid-life crisis at this point, but more of a renewal. (I’m kind of sure that the crisis is over, there is that small lingering doubt, but its a proactive fear, one that motivates me to be aware and not fall into previous habits.) There have been necessary hardships and heartaches to get to this point. But I’d like to think that I’m better than I was before. Some days I’m not really sure about being better, but I know the journey to becoming better is the right path to be on, despite the ups and downs.

I know within the next four years, I am going to swim in an ocean I have never been in. I know that I will have the workings of a possibly publishable draft of my writing in some form or another. And that I will keep working on my writing and fiction skills. But I’m finding that these larger goals are better off being smaller ones. And if I stumble and fail, fantastic. It’s going to be good learning from these mistakes.

Thanks for letting me make mistakes,