Geocaching on 10/10/10

Geocaching 10/10/10

A great event brought a good majority of the saskatoon geocachers (and a few from out of town) to Gabriel Dumount Park. A riverside park that has some excellent walkways, a kids playground, and some really good caches. Check this view. Homemade by C at GC2C70M, was a nice change of pace, as so many other Geocachers in Saskatoon have mentioned – It’s nice to find something larger than a nano or micro. I have to agree. The park is an excellent place to go, it goes from groomed to the wild grasses that a lot of the dog parks have. There are little high spots on the riverbank that you can see the construction on the new south bridge as well. Like this spot.

Geocachers on the trail

Geocachers on the trail

The event put on by Houlagans also had a great game that showed how much your gps can actually lie to you. For most GPS units, you can actually get the zero point where the cache should be hidden. But it’s nowhere near the actual cache. So how does that work? The accuracy and calculations of the GPS units are dependent upon several factors, including how many of them can actually get information to your unit. So don’t always depend on your GPS, use your brain, think like a cacher. Check your accuracy and overhead. Trees, overhead high power lines, buildings can block the signal.

The 10/10/10 date marks the 10 year anniversary that geocaching and groundspeak got off the ground… so to speak. The request for everyone to log 1 cache was to see if they could set a new record. After everyone was done entering and updating their finds, the total number of accounts logging one cache was 78,313. It’s a fun hobby… er sport. It’s a weird mix of the two. Gets me out on the trail and occasionally I get to take a really good photo.

Geocaching on 10/10/10

A Boy and his Dog

I’m hoping it will be a slightly milder winter, at least on the weekends. I’m going to try and get some winter gear together, see if I can get some caches done in the winter. I tried a couple last year, but wasn’t really prepared for it. Either way, it gets me out of the house, and as the infamous BennyKidd has on his signature for his geocaches…

‘You Never Know When You Will Find Your Last Cache SO Enjoy Today And Cache On”

I’m still here,

P.S. This was supposed to be posted on Oct.11… curse you fingers for not scheduling right.

Headed South

By 5 pm Friday, I hope the view is something like this.

Picture is over a year old, from my south dakota trip, the first picture of the trek.

Took Friday off, and time once again to do one of those things that ‘We keep meaning to do’. Killing off another one of those ‘One of these years we should do this.’ Intentions to do things without actually intending to do them is wishful dreaming. Not living.

I’m headed to the Big Muddy, Saskatchewan Badlands for Outlaw days. Fun in small border town Saskatchewan. My Uncle and my Cousin are appearing in a play. Will try and geocache while there, there is an Earthcache nearby (GC1FGVM) . I will definitely take photos, or get kid to. But for now, I’m packing stuff up, charging batteries, iPood is loaded up with podcasts and doing that usual thing with bags and stuff… Do I need this?

For now, I’m going to stick to simple rules for travel.
1 – Pack 1 set for hot weather
2 – Pack 1 set for cold wet weather
1a2a – One good formal shirt
3 – Bring Book, don’t need batteries for those
4 – Have fun
5 – One extra pair of underwear and socks, for comfort.
6 – Insomnia Man needs to bring own pillows.

Oh yeah. A couple other things, Outlaws would use the caves nearby to hideout. There is a brutal bloody history in the area, but given enough research, any place has this. I’ve heard the area be called God’s country. Is it religious? No, it’s because no man wants that land. Grim and true.

I’m still here,
soon to be there,
and then back again,
stay tuned,

Diefenbaker Park – My Geocaching Waterloo!

Still gorgeous out there, mosquitos surprisingly not as bad as they were earlier this summer. Had to get out and enjoy it as the amount of daylight keeps dropping 3 minutes every day. Plus with the overnight temperatures of 3 degrees, I think that was old man winters postcard. Fall may come a little early this year, and hopefully not full of rain. Just remember, minus 40 is damn cold compared to what we’re having now.

Was on the lookout again for Sask First Residents (GCV3GN), Diefenbaker Park (GC23AW5), Saskatoon Geo-Post Office (GCX13P)… 3 more DNF’s, got scratches. Dief park is my waterloo, I don’t know if its the frisbee golf or what. Can’t seem to find those 3, must try again one of these times, but not solo. The MVA trail was closed, but some people were still using it.

Here’s a few shots that I took.

Beaver Shot!

3 adult geese, and one almost adult gosling.

Sunset over train bridge

About 4.5 inches across, really big print.

Path by the river

All of the above shots were taken within 20m of each other. There really is a lot of great places to explore in Saskatoon. Take the time, get out there, while it’s still (relatively) warm.

I’m still here,