The Evils of Convenience

It starts out small.

Taking the easy way.

Doing what is least resistant as opposed to what could be a greater accomplishment.

We put in less energy and become complacent. We would rather spend more money on immediate gratification than making our own. And that includes purchasing food instead of growing our own. We pick a flavour of entertainment, which everyone else is choosing, instead of creating our own stories or music. We find a cheaper way of getting work hours completed instead of having a system that can sustain itself.

It’s convenience. And it will not help you in the long run. It’s the fast food of attitudes.

When convenience saturates everything everyday, from our thoughts and habits to all of our actions; we conveniently stop making room in ourselves for greater things. Because it is the easy way out.

And convenience has momentum. To stop doing what is easy, requires work.

Or does it?

Could it involve work? Or can change include play?

Work implies hard actions, grueling tasks, overbearing weight and strain with the risk of failure. Play allows you to try something, have fun, and be safe – no matter the consequence.

It is just the matter of changing what intent you use to fuel your thoughts and actions. Going into a routine with an attitude of despair, regret, fear will only bring you more of those things. Only if you bring an attitude of freedom and happiness will you see that in your future.

That little jog in thinking? Enjoy it. Get excited, play with the possibilities. Start thinking, start adding delight to your presence and you will be more grateful in the present.

You can change your self and your actions, but most important, your reactions. Start small, have fun, enjoy your mistakes. Success isn’t a destination, it’s a vehicle that you can drive with your work and play. It just all depends on what you choose to put into it.


I’m still here,

Quit Skimming and Read!

Angry Lion wants you to Read

It’s not a matter of looking at keywords and being informed of the concept. It’s taking that information and applying it to the current situation.

This is the difference between reading and skimming. And a huge pet peeve of mine.

People don’t do enough reading and applying the information given.

Just because there is a lot of information there, does not mean that you automatically start skimming the information. Once you start reading fewer words, you start dropping the effort to understand all of the concepts given. Someone has taken the time to include all of those words, you are only insulting them by picking out only choice phrases.

There is a certain amount of observation and looking into details which forces a person to dig deeper on larger concepts. But this is just mental exercise, why not work your brain and perspective out? Sadly, its because people have given into the core marketing of convenience in every fashion. Including reading. The biggest problem is that we have rewarded people to skim. We call these people successful as they have managed to go through mass amounts of information without any retention or understanding.

“But Pearce, there is just so much I can do!”
“Do better. Think different. Read better.”

Effects of skimming? We start dropping words to read, and start changing the way we communicate. We change the way we send information by compressing words and phrases with this same lazy form of communication. The sentences resemble much more like a phonetic code rather than an actual language.

The number of times I’ve had to say ‘Did you read my email or did you skim?’ is increasing! In some fashion, some people have got to the habit of sending the email, then phoning to explain what they said in the email. Why? If a phrase cannot be explained in a sentence, guess what? You should try and reconsider rewriting it! The unfortunate part is that these people often deal with others who have got to the point where they cannot understand the words and need someone to go through with them. Even with vaguest of details, I can apply some information to the various scenarios that could occur. In some cultures, this is called understanding and foresight.

Lets get this clear. These people do not have learning disabilities. These are people who hold PhD’s. They are the ones who make large decisions. They are the ones who have had their hands held for so long, they don’t know how to walk or think on their own. These are people who are so much into the habits of skimming and making things convenient in all things that they are teaching their children that there is no other way. They are bottle necking the minds of children from getting full information. And those children will grow up and one day will be running the world and taking care of us in our old age.

And they walk amongst you.

People who don’t read, or use full words in electronic texting.

Yeah, I ranted that. Now that I made you aware, what are you going to do about it? Or did you just skim this?

I’m still here,