Tacos! (Now with writing!)


Such a simple combination. The sizzle of the corn tortilla in the hot frying pan. A small burst of aroma from the fresh ground spices and meat. Watch the pan location, watch the heat. Watch the corn tortilla relax a bit.  Take that one side and gently fold it over the top.  Move the taco a little, check the browning on the underside. Gentle now. Do that careful little flip. Hear that new sizzle and smell that rich tortilla embrace the pan. Feel the stiffness of the tortilla and giving that little loving tap tap. That little bit of cheese that has melted.

You can’t help but smile.

Oh yeah, that little bit of cheese. It’s food cleavage. It’s there, and no one else is watching you. So you can’t stop looking at it. That delectable teeny morsel. You want to just get it, right there. That little bit of crackling right off the pan. But if you wait, that bit of crunchy cheesy goodness will make the entire taco experience amazing.

Sexy comfort food. Tacos.

I’m still here,



P.S. I’m going to try and smoke some of the leftover taco’s on the grill. If there is any after the night that is.