Tales of King City : Balance (Vertigo)

Part 4

‘The Prometheus strain is with you Son of Watts, as is your adversary. Ensure that your fire does not inspire his own flames shadow.’

The words tattooed on his spinning consciousness. Straining to keep himself awake, he saw two figures towards him from the opening garage doors. Familiar, they seemed to look in fear to him and the entity.

His head rolled over, somewhere his arms and legs felt a million miles away. The room was in a centrifuge, and he felt his stomach lurch. The entity suddenly was not there, something was wet on his upperlip, and he wiped it away. Trying to focus, he saw blood.

There was a small cracking noise, and the overwhelming ammonia forced his lungs to open up and quickly Watson focused getting up onto his feet. Stumbling around, he was supported by two sets of arms, and then heard them yelling at him.

“I’ll be okay, just need to stop the room from spinning.” Watson’s own voice sounded muffled and far away. “Gone deaf. Stupid angel.”

“Common divine interaction reaction Goodstone, must have been one of the higher Host!” Monk’s voice yelled to him. “Effects will fade in an hour!”

“Great.” Goodstone looked to the Chief. “All settled down at Five Churches?”

“Cleanup is in effect. What did it want?”

“Told me to stop observing and interfering. It didn’t like the way I stated the logical and told it my actions were beyond it’s control.” Goodstone pushed them off of him, holding onto the toolbench. Sparks trotted up, limping holding up a small cup of espresso. The small cup drained, and the room began slowing down a little. Wiping his nose, he looked to Monk. “An hour?”

“Sometimes.” Monk mouthed the words, looking to Sparks blinking.

A rythmic vibration set Goodstone at ease, but held his hands up to the Chief and Monk.

“Just midnight ringing in.” He pointed upwards to the higher levels of the clocktower. Then stopped as the clock rang thirteen.

All three of their feed readers buzzed, and simultaneously they glanced at the alert.

13 civilians killed in train/bus collision.

Goodstones ears popped, and he shook his head. “Tell me Chief, I’m not supposed to interfere or observe. It also referred back to Burner.”

“Specifically?” Monk asked.

“Well, wasn’t as such. The term adversary was used. Do they talk? Or think it? Was it telepathy? If I could think straight I could get the frequencies calculated-” Goodstone rambled a little, feeling another wave of nausea come over him. “This is one of the reasons why I stick to the science and tech division Chief.”

“Hmmm…” The tall man responded, looking around the basement garage. “What do you think Monk?”

“Typical double and triple meanings, portents. I’d say it was one of the higher hosts. But once again, the universe is bringing more questions than answers.” Monk looked to Sparks with a curiosity.

“Burner is dead. I signed the paperwork myself Goodstone.” Chief said and rubbed his chin. “This adversary maybe someone new.”

“Someone who can alter reality and put 53 people into King City like they have always been here?” Goodstone interjected. “No offense Chief, but someone of that caliber is a little out of our league. The data still shows the same output as Burner, same fires, same opportunities. Even the Fire Chief-”

“Shut it Goodstone.” Chief glanced annoyingly at the next alert that came across all of their readers.

The 13 citizens cross referenced to the extra people.

“Get to the crash site, gather data. It’s my decision.”

“Chief, I could refuse.”

“But you won’t. I want your respective reports on my desk by dawn. Or I’ll put you both in for suburbia beat duty.”

Monk looked to Goodstone then to the Chief.
Goodstone looked to Monk then to the Chief.

“Yes Sir.”

-To Be Continued…-

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