Flash Fiction : Gator

The only comforting thing she had to wear was the holster beneath the rented seafoam green bridesmaid dress. The gym was decorated with so much paper machete and streamers, and was scented by nervous teenagers with too much perfume or cologne. The music didn’t reach her ears. Only silent rage humming like an overwound piano string filled her head. She took a deep breath and adjusted the ill fitted dress, looking around for her target.

One shot.

That was all it had to take, just aim and squeeze.

Vera ‘Gator’ Breen had waited 3 long years of high school torture for this night. The only time that the local police showed up to supervise the school dance. But she would silence the long haunting screams of her sister.

Tonight, blood would be shed.

The deputy was going to get his tonight.


The above was another name based story. It comes alongside doing some voiceover for a friend of mine who did a cover of Bob Marley’s I shot the Sherrif. You can find the sLaughter Kings on ReverbNation


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