Flash Fiction

Graft/Grift – Who is the Con? (Warning : contains violence, NSFW)

Hex Ranger – An alternate scene from a serial series. Pivotal moment where the hero emerges.

Love Isn’t Fair Veteran Joe didn’t have a chance at this battle with Post Romantic Stress Disorder.

Spirit Hot day in the city, Gus Browne gets an unexpected visitor. (Guest edited by J.C. Hutchins!)

Singing As Supper A dystopian tale of how a girl gets by, using her talents.

Mika Oldman, Creative character name challenge, old country europe finds new home in Canada, but past threats still haunt her.

The curious and tiny tale of Maxwell Pettypot

The last cocktail

A glimpse into Ed, because sometimes the best stories are not told

The Reluctant Tale of Corinthian Reed

Short Character study into Twopenny Wood

Note : I have a list of names that a friend has forwarded. These are great exercises for character creation. I’ve found also found that stories have started to emerge from these characters, as is most of my flash fiction style. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the urge to continue these stories as my habit is to do small short stories, if there is enough interest I may go beyond the ideas presented. Otherwise, they sit as moments from worlds beyond our own, in the realm of fiction.

Serial Fiction
Tales of King City – Balance
The tale of Detective Watson Goodstone and the library that had more people leaving than entering.
Part One – Intro
Part Two – Search
Part Three – Fire and Sparks
Part Four – Vertigo
Part Five – Crash
Part Six – Duality/Decisions
End – Encounter
Tales of King City – The Run
There are parts of a city, where the gods fear to tread. Places where the refuse and even the monsters who are rejected by other monsters call home. Where the city coroner makes all registered powers sign their own death certificate before they enter. The Q-Zone. And one man, armed with just a sword, does not have a plan. But a bet with his life. This is his run.
Where people are meant to have their final rest, is a place for reflections.
Tales of King City : Boom
Buildings are exploding and imploding across King City. Nothing new in a city where the 3pm alien invasion drill becomes monotonous to the citizens. But when the bomber starts targeting populated areas, Goodstone looks to the Magii to find this threat.
The general open polls for fiction are located here, please vote …… and tell others. Perhaps you could also send cookies, that would be great. And while you are at it, be nice to others, help an old lady across the street, volunteer at local shelter, provide exact change, wash hands, smile, eat pie for breakfast, sing for the fun of it, tell dirty jokes, and… well that thing that’s on your to do list? Yeah, give that a shot too.

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