Flash Fiction : Word Association

It all started off so simple.

A little trick, a hack. Just a little quirk on the way people read and interpret symbols.

The technology was developed by a disgruntled undergraduate at NYU. Frustrated from the hours of working on his supervisors mathematics study, he needed a distraction. Just a little side project. And then after reading a self-help book ‘Your dream, Your reality’, he decided to make the impossible, possible. It was a dream of his, to see his own name in the comic books he read as a child. No longer would it be Peter Parker, or Bruce Wayne, on the panelled pages. It would be Jonathan Sibekowicz. With all the powers and abilities fit for any modern myth.

It was just a matter of finding the core root symbol which people would interpret with their own name.

He started delving into Symbol Grounding, memetics, cognition computation, tribal symbols, evolution of language. Hours at libraries, random phone calls to people who wrote articles. Jonathan became so obsessed with the idea, that his supervisor began questioning if he was on drugs. Coming in at strange hours, smelling like he had not bathed in weeks, slept in clothing, snapping at people for no apparent reason.

After several months, Jonathan had the breakthrough.

Then slept for thirty-two hours straight.

He quickly made it back to the lab, and straightened his work hours altogether, putting in new time and new ideas to his supervisor. Theories which were once dismissed were now plausible now taken from the new point of view. Jonathan was going places.

He took time off from his work. A sabbatical, something that he needed to do for quite some time.

Three weeks later, human consciousness began taking a turn.


The symbol appeared in a small press electronic comic book which had become quite popular amongst the 7 to 16 year age. Kid hero, was aimed at delivering long-term stories which helped educate and subtly deliver life lessons. It was quite typical to read the climax of a story arc where Kid Hero would have forgotten his new weapon against the powers of evil, because he was too busy looking at other things on the internet. On a following story, the new weapon would be missing the power pack, because he forgot to write it down.

The media began showing this new comic book where your child could become Kid Hero. The style quickly spread, and other publishers began using this new type of code. A simple little symbol. New types of fiction emerged.

It was something new, and it was very marketable. The phenomenon and style had spread. Further research by John Hopkins Hospital found other core symbols. Shapes and colors, tonal sounds could be all translated into making similar images.

Jonathan signed different agreements with major publishers, newspaper pushers, audio and video producers. Overnight he became a very wealthy to the point where he could disappear. The last mention of him in recorded history (which could be understood), showed that he had won a small church bingo in Christchurch.

This new type of language was embraced equally and quickly from all nations. And then human consciousness began changing. The amount of interconnectedness with information had become not only habit, but essential to the wellbeing of people. And it was being rewritten by the core symbols which Jonathan discovered.

That was the scary part. It was stronger and more ruthless than the English language.

People with dyslexia had protection. That little reversal which rearranged letters and numbers had actually saved them. They had their own mental firewall against the information virus which appeared in all forms of media. Eventually, their own efforts to stop the information from entering their memories were futile.

Others, whose brains were still developing, tried to keep their grip onto the basic concepts of life. That which had names, no longer had them. Mom, Dad, door, book, red, yellow. They were meaningless. There was a break in the distinction between object, name and meaning. Soon, they began withdrawing from everyone. Behaving quite distinctively anti-social. Running directly on instincts, these children became feral and tribal. Groups of them would be spotted in urban cities, running in packs, gathering and hunting for resources.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an isolated incident.

Religious leaders across the world, simultaneously met, speaking only. Those who were found with paper and printed material were banned and removed. They were isolating themselves, against a virus that could be spread just as easily by drawing it on a wall. The new theory was that the Babel virus was rediscovered. A wave of destruction which would spread through the minds of everyone connected to written word.

Scientists who studied infectious diseases were baffled. How does one stop a type of information that spreads like a virus? Information shut outs? The human mind is curious at best, and will seek out new sources when it has not been fed.

Ironically, the illiterates were partially affected. People who were indifferent, and didn’t remember too much, they would skim media. Some of them were obliterated with the information that had jumped into their consciousness. Their subconscious trying to chew away at that unsolvable symbol, slowly degrading the associations had been built into a lifetime. Some of their doctors were baffled, as it appeared to be the same symptoms as some types of brain cancer.

The symbols continued to propagate themselves, taking on a new life. Groups of people would gather together, in trance states, writing them, drawing them in all sizes and forms on any available surface. The language itself had turned viral, and people were the host.

Then there are us. Those able to relearn, rebuild from the crumbling remains. We’re the ones trying to rebuild society. Unfortunately, the only ones who will are able to read these records are ourselves. We’ve become meaningless graffiti, only noise in the background from the pure signal of core symbol languages.

Because there are a lot more of them, then there are of us.

For once, in a very long lifetime, I’m glad I’m blind.

Just a matter of perspective

Is my writing progressing? Sometimes like a turtle. Just a matter of how much I’ve put into it and the time elapsed.



So have I done much writing this week? Hardly any. But enough to keep the clutter out of my brain, and daily. Well, almost daily. (But some handwriting, which slows down my thoughts, and it’s a different type of brain dump. It focuses and concentrates. I can understand how poets keep their handwriting and not using a computer to work on their craft.) But looking back on the past 3 years, I’ve done a lot more writing in the past 10. Picking up the habits, and doing more than previous years. Not bad at all, in my humble opinion.


I’m still writing,


As promised

It’s late. I know I should have been writing all night, instead I had a great evening with a couple of friends at a local book store. They finally had to boot us out. And yes, I should have been writing, but I did pick up Ray Bradbury’s essays Zen and Writing. As well, as Stephen King’s On Writing. So that counts…. right?

Regardless, the story I submitted off for contest, did not make the short list. Hooray! As I referred earlier, it’s different, as well as trying to get a love story done in under 1500 words was a challenge enough. Started playing around with the idea of ‘All is fair in love and war’. Which if you’ve ever been in or out of love, or war, you know it’s not. The characters grew immediately. They may come back again, in an idea that my mother gave me for a storyline years and years ago. Then again, this might just be enough for them.

In the meantime, just remember, Love Isn’t Fair.

I’m still writing,


Fiction pending/Beat Poetry and others…

Currently I have 3 wtiting projects on the go, and skipping between them seems to be working for me. For now. A constant pressure to keep writing is being generated from skipping between the three of them. And I know, that cardinal rule, ‘Stick to one project, finish it.’ Think I have my own procrastination under control using this method. Not in the mood to write on Project A? Then pick at Project B, later on just add a couple of scenes to Project C. Wait, that extra bit in the outline for Project A needs to be added.

See what I mean? Currently it seems to work, only because none of the projects are under any type of deadline. If this was pay copy I was writing, this is what they would call disorganized. For now, it’s a writing workout regimen that seems to be working.

In other writing news, I did not make the shortlist for the CBC writes short story contest. Hooray! This means that you will be subjected to a piece that is (in my opinion) different than my other pieces. I wrote this up in the beginning of November, had a bit of fun with it too. Listening to beat poetry prior to writing set the pacing, at least in the opening sequence. As well, it marks off a sort of transition point in my writing. After this, I earnestly began to write and get a good chunk of my organic writing out of the way, let those words flow, but stick to an outline. It also marks off a spot where I actively challenged myself to write in a genre that I am not comfortable in.

And in all honesty, it is the one piece of writing that I hate the least. I am my own worst critic, but I have decided that the critic will still blab even if I have put my work out there or not. It’s not going to get read if I delete it off my computer, or dismiss the story idea out of my brain.

And for those of you who have not ever heard of Lord Buckley, it appears that Slam Poetry is alive and well in Canada. I attended a haiku deathmatch last night, did not participate, but was a blast when average people off the street (okay mainly the university) can do deadly battle using haiku’s as words. Charles Hamilton hosted up, smacking cymbal with kendo stick. And we were also treated to Khodi Dill’s amazing and brutally honest words on First Nations rights and lack of media coverage. (Just remember, the genocide will not be televised.) It was a lot of fun, and proof that not only poetry, but spoken word is an art that with the help of the indie arts scene and the internet, is well on it’s way for a comeback. Check your local area for Poetry Slam competition, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve also been looking up more recipes. Explody bottle fun?

Fiction is pending, will post this week, probably friday.


Rest assured if it’s not posted up, I’m still writing,


Getting it Done

There’s the laundry to be done, that’s been piling up because there are no socks to wear. And those boxes of things that are still there from the move, yeah should look at those as well, because there is that one thing that you couldn’t find that one evening that you needed. Lunches to plan and possibly box up dinners for the week, can possibly get to those later-wait, have to stop by the grocery store and get some green onion, maybe some of that fresh dill-when does the fish place close at? Plan out some meals to have some leftovers so original plans for lunch might change-Then again, the doctor said to eat a little healthier, a few more green veggies into the mix, less red meat. The vitamins! I’m out of those, stop by the pharmacy when I finally – But damn it has been a long week, so just one episode of Dr.Who or what was that show that your coworker recommended? Just 20 minutes looking it up online, then update on facebook and see what’s going on there. Maybe that show is available elsewhere. Is it at the library-Gods, those books are overdue, must get those back. But it’s not so bad paying the library as the money goes back into buying new books. The books, must update those receipts so the taxes are right and not doing that last minute scramble at 3am like last year. Then there is that thing that you volunteered for, what was it that Jim or Phyllis asked you to do? Salad, for what, that was a home warming? Or a fundraiser? Was it jelly salad? I know there is a coupon in the car… should get it vacuumed out. Can’t think, maybe if I have a 30 minute nap that would help-CRAP! Well that was a good 3 hour nap and almost time to go to bed. There goes the evening, what else can I do tonight, not much… maybe I can get some writing done-MMmm chips and the Doctor that’sStop.I’ve learned recently that the more clutter in your brain of all the things that you ‘intend to do’ only get in the way of you actually doing those things. Stop thinking about these things, start actually doing them. Bad failure is better than good intention.

I’ve also learned recently that not taking risks is a way to keep procrastinating and moving on.

From the creative writing point of view, this is why people grab journals, laptops, headphones and remove themselves from their various homes. The anonymity of the coffee shop brings the ambiance of being someone completely other than who you are. You aren’t that person with the huge ‘To Do’ list. You are the one who is concentrating on writing. One word after another. Elegance and poetry to the content will come later. Just write. You can focus on just that one story, that one outline, that one sentence that needs to be fixed.

This is also a reminder to myself, who just spent 5 hours running around town getting various errands done, like stopping by the barbershop, the comic shop, an antiques shop (must find a buyer for those prints), then the kitchen shop at the mall (still have to find a full steel french press without plastic parts) then finally to the coffee shop. One caffeinated beverage, sit down, phone rings, then 20 minute conversation with awesome people.

Then the idea for this blog post. What has stopped me from writing lately? Myself. And the brain clutter. Remove myself from the things that stimulate the brain clutter and focus on just writing. So I’m posting it up now. Not later, there are grammatical and spelling mistakes. I don’t like the flow on some of it, could rework it. But it’s a lot better than the twenty draft blog posts I haven’t touched in three weeks.

Why? Because it’s getting done.

I’m still here, writing,

Just let it love

“One’s action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not to be mere rushing on.” – D.H. Lawrence


There comes a point when fiddling with a recipe too much spoils the food.

There comes the time when you have made too many edits, and the story is lost.

Sometimes, it’s best to just let it sit there. Let it love. A good chilli cooking on the stove is like that. Just let it sit, and be. Don’t touch it, don’t add to it. You can go back and sample it later on, and you’ll know when it’s done. Just turn down the heat, let it simmer for a little longer.

All it needs is a little time on it’s own.

A good story idea will come back to you when it’s left alone. But sometimes it’s best to just let it love.

I’ve got 3 bigger story ideas that I’ve promised to do a second draft on. Novel length ideas mind you.  I’m revamping the main themes for the first to help out the interplay of characters, and possibly for the internal story arcs. The second project may go a completely different route than the original. And the third, may not even get touched at all. I may just have to let it sit for a little while. And I’m okay with any of these just sitting for a little while longer. 

Rest assured, I’m going to do more writing. I am going to finish stories. Some of these may become serials, some might not show up on here at all. Some of it, just might. But for now… 


I’m still here, writing, letting it love,


NaNoWriMo – The Aftermath

22 Days into November, I pushed book 3 beyond the 50000 word mark. And that was just act 1 of three for the third book in the trilogy that I had laid out. A lot had changed in the time I originally planned out the trilogy. The main character was to enter into some espionage for the Queen, as well as do some infiltration, all the while being hunted and trying to maintain a double or triple cover…. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I totally turned her into a Mary Sue where she fixed out several situaions, but at least I made her independant enough to handle situations. Acts two and three for the third book are still in point form.

But the trilogy is done.

What did I learn this time around for this years efforts?
The days where I pushed and padded my daily word goal seemed to wear me out creatively, there just wasn’t enough to go by the time I hit the midway mark, pushing myself to get done faster. I had to take few days off here and there and step away from the writing. I’ve also learned that I can easily do the daily writing in this method, but it really does not make good quality story telling. It really isn’t.

I had to Deus Ex Magica/Machina all of the subplots out to concentrate onto the main character. This is what happens when you write organically and other characters jump up out of nowhere. Planning comes with set plans, as well as focuses your intention and keeps you on track for really good story telling. Which is something I need to do more of.

So the question everyone is asking me now is, when do we get to see it? I tell them, they won’t ever see this version, not unless they are willing to face my wrath. It truly is a trilogy of a zero draft. Some characters are too vapid and do not play the role, only to make other characters do things beyond what the main characters concentration. The plot stumbles along in the third book, impossible as I left book two ending. I’ve learned that I need to start the tension events and plot chapters in unexpected places to keep the pacing of the story. I’ve learned that unecessary details can be dropped and the reader can fill in the information that they need with their own imagination. I’ve also learned that I need to read more Bradbury to hone brevity and develop my own style of structure that will let the reader know my distinctive style.

The story idea is very basic and to do the story justice, I have to strip it right down to the bare basics. Develop the characters which play the proper roles, make their own struggles and achievements believable. I am contemplating a jump into a different genre with this story, as the fantasy genre is good, but there is a definite glut. Putting it into modern fantasy or urban fantasy will add some more necessary tension and developments, as well it would fit well with the overall main character theme of ‘hiding her latent talent’.

So if you honestly do want to read all three books, (over 50k words a piece) I will offer them to you, if I want. I know which parts shine and overall which huge swaths of blarney can be dropped. But if you bribed me with a very large sum of money, I’d release a heavily creative commons no-derivatives restrictive license version of the text stories to you. It maybe crap, but it’s my crap.

Last of all, I’ve learned that I need to stop thinking about the writing and just write. Given myself permission to make mistakes, and charge forth. To hesitate in the creative process only stops me, and I may become famous for making so many mistakes along the way. There is a phrase, something about having to love and lost… If I get lost along the way, know that I will be writing. If you like this post, leave feedback. If you really like this, tell a friend. If you absolutely love this, tell a friend and send money, then get them to send money. If you are beyond love and into insane obsession, get out of my bushes, shovel my walk or something, be a useful stalker.

I’m still here, (writing)

Up next? Music Reviews, flash fiction, food recipes and the like. Possible serial series that I’ve been alluding to? Or hints into sekrit projects that might take me down a different route creatively? If I don’t dream or plan big, then I won’t grow. And NaNoWriMo 2012? Not sure. It is time to make every month a writing effort.

NaNoWriMo Burnout?

Done for the day, don’t want to write anymore for a little bit, possibly a few days maybe after the weekend.

Wrote this morning, wrote at lunch, and some tonight. Last year I had a bigger sprint on one day, similar wordcount, but that was because I was behind. This year I’m not, I’m consistently ahead.

Knew I had to stop when I couldn’t come up with anymore descriptions or relevant scenes when I wrote.
‘She sat in the chair. It was comfortable. She read the letters.’

Also using Deus Ex Magica to help bring the things that the MC needs.
Also extending every contraction into separate words.

The end is near, and my goal is to finish this story. Give it a nice ending. Then I can set it aside, strip it down to bare bones story outline, give the characters a serious look at, then rework it. Possibly into a new genre, as straight fantasy being a base is not that bad. But as an alternate/secret world in an urban fantasy setting would be a lot better for the characters. Sort of a Dune meets Shadowrun with larger …. just larger plot developments.

Yeah, getting the NaNoWriMo Burnout, the daily grind has hit me, that midway point where every writer taking on this challenge goes ‘Just what the hell am I doing?’  But I am going to set this aside, as it probably is from not finishing this story for 3 years. This ending is completely different than what I originally had planned. Spy intrigue for our heroine has turned into Escape from Prison City.

It doesn’t matter on this zero draft version. The outline has been long since been set on fire by organic writing. I’m going to finish this trilogy. I’ve finished off two parts, the third ( knowing this being the hardest part) will be done.

As I previously wrote, my NaNo Oath this year…

Just have to commit to it. And write hard. None of this writing soft business. Grab it. Embrace it. Channel it. Lay it out, then set fire to it. Write those phrases, like a viking. LIKE A VIKING.

Viking tired, need new village, and sleep for a month or so.

But only after the next 10k words. Soon.

But if I push myself any harder on this, I may not finish that 10k and say screw it. I won’t. I will finish this trilogy, my mantra, my slogan.

Regardless, I’m still writing,
P.S. Looking forward to writing nice short stories and grocery lists.

I’m still writing

I’ve been writing.

Check it, blast of fiction, 700 words max, it’s noir, it’s hardboiled, it’s crime fiction.

My offering is not their usual content which comes up on Shotgun Honey. But I’d like to thank them for the opportunity and the writing challenge. As well as getting my story out there.

Also submitted to CBC short story contest. No idea how that is going to go. First prize is 6000 loonies. Would be really nice. First readers loved it, and I like it too. Which is one of my biggest alarms, usually my writing in a polished form I hate… there is something wrong with it, or something needs to be fixed with it. No one has found anything wrong with it… besides my grammar and a couple of spelling mistakes which I fixed.

Also been getting rid of a whole bunch of crap writing in my NaNoWriMo offering. Not happy about the quality, but if I’m just churning out words to get in the habit, it’s better I get these done in crap words that no one else will dare read. So plan is to finish the trilogy, scrape it down to a barebones outline do a proper first draft.  But, maybe after getting down a decent outline and a few parts, it might be plausible to see if there is an actual market for this idea. Now that I’ve got all the players fleshed out as I go along, I can make it better.

Getting into the regular habit of writing everyday is possible and plausible at this point.

Just have to commit to it. And write hard. None of this writing soft business. Grab it. Embrace it. Channel it. Lay it out, then set fire to it. Write those phrases, like a viking.  LIKE A VIKING.

I’m still here,

It’s coming…

Writing this week. Around 800 words. This entire week.

This includes short story submission to Shotgun Honey. Makes me realize how many bad habits I’ve fallen into since last November…  Then I realize, NaNoWriMo is in 26 days.

I’m going to have to go back over the trainwrecks of 2009 and 2010, read them over. This year is the last of the fantasy trilogy. (Idea : Orphaned girl can control forged metal.) I have to reaquaint myself with the characters. I have to do a list of all the plot points I want to cover. Of previous years work, this year might be the most difficult. First year, I could make stuff up and world build the first book, make things up as I went. The second I could introduce more characters and sub-plots, fill those word counts up with fantastic side descriptions and their actions. Ripoff more angst and drama than all soap opera history. The third… this year? I have to wrap it up. I could make this book 3 of 5. But without a finish on the story, it doesn’t get edited. It doesn’t get completed. I can’t do a second draft if I don’t have that ending. I cannot go back and say, ‘Okay that was a big organic mess, let’s strip this down to the core elements, tighten up number of characters, justify the drama and intrigue and begin draft 2 now that I know the characters and world.’

I could do 30 short stories for November. One per day. Yikes! Tempting, but that is a realistic weekly writing goal. 1 story per week. 52 stories. Flash Fiction.  Musings. Rants. (Gods help me, poetry?) Double or triple up some weeks as I know there will be some weeks when I will not be able to do any writing at all. Then post these up.  As any person who wants their creative work exposed to the world for feedback needs;  put it out for the world to read. (Thanks Leo)

So what is NaNoWriMo? In a nutshell, you write 1667 words per day. Everyday in November. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be well thought out. It doesn’t have to be truly creative or new. It just has to be 50’000 words by November 30th midnight.

This is just an exercise to get rid of the crap writing. It is a challenge that anyone who wants to write for a living or pursuing the passion must try. To find the daily habit and keep going. To find elegance and style within the upcoming 10’000 hours or 1 million words, whatever it takes before you become Good at it.

Work the craft by working on the craft.

Get that daily journal and writing in over at 750words.com or 3 pages of handwritten daily journaling in first, then start on the 1667 per day.  Note to self:  Rewrite my NaNo oath, revise and update it.

In order to do this, I am going to drop all the indecisiveness and just write.

Don’t hesitate, just write.

Anything else is just good intentions. And that doesn’t get the story written.

I’m still here,

(Word count for week including this sentence, 1300.)