My Very First Performance Poem — Mighty Mike McGee’s Web Presents

In the summer of 1998, my friend, Geoff Trenchard, newly dear to me, got his first car. The first thing he did was probably buy something with which to get high. Then he went to an open mic in downtown San José and got hooked on poetry, written and spoken. From page to the stage. […]

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Why I Had to Do Both

Sex with Timaree

It was March 2016 the first time I performed burlesque in New York City. Having grown up in a small town in (yadda yadda literally it doesn’t matter, you know the story) this was a life-changing benchmark. It would also prove to be foreshadowing.

The event was an abortion rights fundraiser and I was there in two capacities: to speak as a PhD in Human Sexuality and to perform as HoneyTree EvilEye, my burlesque persona. When the organizers had reached out to me about being a part of the event, I said “yes!” and then realized I didn’t know if they wanted muggle me or burlesque me. Both of them were bookable, but they did very different things.

The organizers basically said, “why not both?”

Why not both? Well, for one, I had been warned my whole life that if someone finds out you’re secretly a sexy, fun person-…

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Cooking in Puerto Vallarta

Our all inclusive room came with a bottle of tequila and fresh fruit. The chicharron are from the local supermarket. With bonus Seinfeld looking bee mascot.

Recipe to Slow Down

Eat chicharrons

eat fresh fruit

sip and savor the tequila, imagine the agave and realize the local economy runs on tourist dollars, but still leaves craving for more culture

sit on balcony, watch the ocean knowing there are depths untold

Wear sunscreen

See the difference in the nightsky, this is the same moon, but the lunar conversation is in a different tongue

(when looking to the early moon in the east, will be different looking than later in the west)

Be genuine and not obnoxious, despite any language barriers

Be present, and you become the gift

We can

We cannot become big, by being small.
We can become great, by practice.
We can be better, when we want to do better for everyone.
We can become amazing, by bringing people with us on our journey.
We can become legends, when we keep raising people up.

December – Live Your Legend


December meeting notes – LYL

I was really rambly at the meeting, and that I apologize to my other LYL members. So this is a good concentrated list of what I should have prepared.


Previously on LYL

As I missed the October meeting, and November, what happened? A lot of work towards the latest burlesque show Dirty Birds, Dirty Words – Erotic Poetry Burlesque show. Went to Burlycon, improved on my art dramatically as well as centered myself more, spiritually and creatively.

So…. on with the list of things I did/didn’t do.

September Goals – Live Art

1 – Building – Sept.17 and 18th Burlesque show! – DONE – Also got November show in as well!

2 Need Help with – Costumes for personal performance(s) – DONE! Thanks to Laura!

3 Next Step is To – Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse, make list of everything, double check it, apply magic wizard beard powers. DONE – should have rehearsed more, but that’s a past regret. Must rehearse numbers over and over.

1- Building – Nov.27 and 28th AND February Burlesque Show! 1/2 DONE November done, planning with Group for February.

2 Need Help with – Look into this after September show. But keep on LYL list to do. Asked for help, got it done.

3 Next Step is To – Confirm performer availability, TIP, Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver/Victoria and other Poet/Burlesque  DONE

September Goals – Words / Manuscripts / Novels

1 – Building – Query Letters for Manuscripts : 1 down, 1 to go #AmWriting #MSWL DONE

2A – Need Help with – Beta Readers need to get their reading done by end of September. 1/2 DONE

2B – Sourcing potential agents through #mswl on twitter AND from other people who are looking for the same resources. Still working on this

3 – Next Step is To – Finish other Query Letter/Pitch, finalize hand edits on paper, plan redraft options and schedule, schedule, schedule. Keep writing in all those little 5 minute open time, like when you’re on a webpage making lists… that’s writing, right?  Still working on this

September Goals – Health

1 Building – Simple Yoga stretching Routine, include Yin, meditation, breathing, more walking. Still working on this

2 Need Help with – Schedule routine, and developing own series of stretches, Still working on this

3 Next Step is To – Check Yoga membership price, see if volunteer for karma classes/Voiceover Still working on this

September Goals – Mental

1 Building – Journaling, need to do a daily pages/journal. Meditation. Still working on this, more done in November

2 Need Help with – Keeping up a daily habit of Journaling just all the random thoughts to clear head, so current mood is not affecting projects/characters in story. Taking time to set aside all the other things, stretch, and write. Still working on this

3 Next Step is to – Pick a random empty journal, and start using it. Get really good pen. 1/2 DONE, journal good helped out a lot in Seattle and other thoughts, sourcing favorite pen


aka What’s up December?

1- What am I Building

Financial * Personal Business – plan and pitch to better brains – aka will this idea fly? Is it feasible? Will the Market have a need for my skills/talent?
Health * Yoga Practice every other day, Dental / Annual Physical, doing more walking and getting into nature more. (Great timing to figure this out, winter on the prairies, sheesh)
Study * IT skills, Story Tellers Index
Mental / Spiritual * Mediation/Journalling, more time doing that

Personal * Spend more time with loved ones
2- What do I Need Help With

Graphic Designer / Logo / Web interface * Need cheap and good, not fast
Business Plans to be built – need template
Yoga need to be scheduled/budgeted – Hot Yoga on 20th? Ground Yoga? One Yoga? Who has best karma classes/time for more classes.
Study – What’s the next IT skill I need? Also need access to more storytellers and their skills to learn.

3 – What is the Next step

ASK for HELP – See any of the above in Need Help, If you see info, please forward that to me.
Schedule the THINGS – Life / Work / Rehearsal / Voiceover / Study
Get Things Done

Get Business Name Registered  – Online, one step, can be done.

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Finding Balance – Enjoy

Mid life unbalance? Or just finally finding ways how to find that balance?Or am I just enjoying life, because I am allowing myself to.

Big questions? Probably. But when the questions get in the way of joy, then I’m being too afraid of finding that happiness.

So, as I’ve just read, Screw Finding Your Passion because “If you’re passionate about something, it will already feel like such an ingrained part of your life that you will have to be reminded by people that it’s not normal, that other people aren’t like that.”

So I geek out over a whole lot of things. Writing Fiction, storytelling, games – Check. Yoga – Check. Acro-Yoga – surprising check. Voiceovers – old school Check. Theater, Acting, special effects  and Event things – another surprising Check. Burlesque – yep became a grandfather first and then embraced taking my clothes off for theatrical theater – a really fun Check. Technology, gadgets are a fun check.

And if I find other fun things to do. Hey, that’s another thing to do, and embracing it and other things happily.


But in the meantime,


Keeping Calm, and Carrying on

Breathing Deep and Letting Go

Get Excited and Make Things