From the Ones and Zeros of Twitter… Week 49 – 2009

An experiment in twitter posts. From the past week I’ve sent the following open conversations. It would be really nice if there was a nice little add on that cleaned up twitter posts for a certain amount of time, and then collected them into one blog post. In the meantime, I present for your reading pleasure … the following awesome, teeny conversations, and more insights about how much of a geek I can actually be.

1.6km in 15 minutes. I have WONTON! and explanation why my shoes are wearing out…

trying to do something Wagner-lite, brb

The sexiness cannot be charted. BAR OR PIE! (in discussion with @KateSherrod , this has the making of a great meme)

Steampunk Teddy Rosevelt and Red Baron taking on Martians. I geeksteam-gasmed, twice. Simultaneously. Listening to Cliudan, if I ever needed a celtic soundtrack for my stories, this is it.

Should have watched Ink.

whew! that was close, had a momentary laps of sanity.

@jchutchins Victor Von Doom is probably the best all encompassing villain. Fallen Heroes make the best villain. Redemptive villains for hero

@jchutchins Prefer foils, moriarty to holmes, joker to batman.

@norm_fisher Too bad there isn’t that option for Honkin’ large garage with detached house.

Flat Eric takes care of business, some retro for you. Enjoy, for now I must kill my windows installation. ♫  about 16 hours ago from

@TimHoltorf I just signed up for this sweet backup service. So far very secure and fast. Smarter than USB drive.

make @scottsigler a happy guy on his birthday, go download some of his awesome from
2:36 PM Nov 30th from TwitterGadget

If NaNoWriMo has visualized my muse, she’s a chain smoking rock hag, wearing lynard skynard tshirt and pleather miniskirt.  1:27 PM Nov 30th from web

@iamkhayyam Batman did not make that list of things cooler than vampires.
11:47 AM Nov 30th from TwitterGadget in reply to iamkhayyam

@PhilRossi That’d be slick, and Book 3 would be… re:Mastered Delta Blues? or othe working titles … unplugged:flatline

improved the level of my twitter feed by 78% awesome by following Malcolm Gladwell, that is all.

@Karen_McDonald No, didn’t catch it, was at BarCamp. I’m watching ooold episodes. Still funny though. 

 watching Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs , it’s funny when he gets hurt, or bit, or slimed….

throwing horns + Blue Rodeo = New definition of the word Stretch #sriders

@mplested I’ve got a plot to edit once I’m done this draft.

headed out the door for barcamp Saskatoon, public transit don’t fail me now! 10:32 AM Nov 28th

10:18 AM Nov 28th – 50259 word count for NaNoWriMo, need to write epilogue then print out… and bury this adverb monstrosity in backyard. Open Forum Conference at Louis Pub tomorrow. Barcamp, it’s what’s for Saturday.

BarCamp Saskatoon, tech enthusiasts get together and have open discussion on anything and everything. Great! Add beer = AWESOME!

@gunandagirl I’ll eat it, no problem. But it’s turned from “all you can eat” to “what we think you can eat”. I call that FAIL.

New Island Sushi didn’t bring half of what we ordered at lunch. Not the first time either, guess it’s like sushi roulette.

RT @CityofSkies: City of Skies Brandon Bird: Wow.These paintings are awesome!

12:38 PM Nov 27th @michchest Actually I’m halfway too…. uh… yes, 40 that’s right.

11:35 AM Nov 27th @Walker875 The Emperor has decided, you may live, go forth and spread awesome.

11:34 AM Nov 27th the emperor has decreed there shall be New Island sushi upon his 35th lap around the sun. (Its my birthday)

8:54 AM Nov 27th my empire is tiny but proud.

Twitter handy how -to

Found these on another website, can’t find the history to give props on it. Will edit post later. I saw people through twitter messaging each other, but couldn’t figure out how.

Below is a handy list.

1. View updates from your friends in your home page at
2. View @replies sent to you at
3. View your own tweets at
4. See the list of people you’re following at
5. See the list of people following you at
6. See direct messages that have been sent to you at
7. See direct messages that you’ve sent to others at
8. Change your own settings at

Next up, actually adding tags to the postings.