The Amazing Spiderman : The Movie

Warning : Contains Spoilers. Don’t read, go watch the movie, then come back and then read. Then post up comments.

So far,  people have been posting up blasé reviews. They don’t remember as the fans do.

They hit the nail on the head.

Andrew Garfield plays a perfect Peter Parker. Clumsy, awkward, the schlep that doesn’t fit in. This is the Peter that we’ve read. Forgetting things, messing things up in social situations, showing off his nerdiness. This is what the previous movie franchise needed.

And that’s the biggest problem. It became a franchise. Not a series of stories. Once you remove that vital function of this type of story telling, you destroy it with the marketing.

Hollywood, just, please. Stop doing that.

I did enjoy the previous movies. I said that. I had a couple of cringe out loud moments in the current movie where an unecessary story line was delivered a little too flat. There were a lot of those in Spider-Man 3.  But then again, I don’t consider that part of the series.

Other performances!

Emma Stone, plays a very good Gwen Stacy. But in order to get some character development, we all know what is going to happen to her, possibly in the next movie.

Doctor Kurt Connors, the malleable character portrayed in so many other ways. Hey, I’m a villain, no I’m a Doctor. Oh hey, I’m a husband and a father. Wait, I’m a drug addict, hold that. I’m a plot device. Great performance from Ryhs Ifan portraying this version of the character.

And there was one common theme throughout the whole movie. It took me back to the comic books.

Peter Parker, the everyman in tights. Smart talking humor during the big action fight scenes, still a schmuck screwing things up despite his huge intellect.

As I previously mentioned about Christopher Nolan and the Batman franchise, ‘not so much of a reboot, but more of returning the series to the roots of the primary readership.’ You keep the story to the true heart of the character, and it will fly.

Future hopes for the series!

Avengers? It’s been off and on that Spidey is an Avenger, no he isn’t… Wouldn’t mind seeing something along the line of ‘Rejected admissions’. But it has to be fun, in order for it to work.

Black Cat – Shouldn’t appear until Peter is actually in College. But, to totally geek out, here’s hoping that Felicia Day will play Felicia Hardy. Or perhaps Emilie Ullerup… just putting it out there.

Kingpin. I know primarily that the Green Goblin has been more of a villain for Spider-man, but some of the best confrontations are with villains that Spidey just cannot defeat. (See Batman and Rah’s Al Ghul. )

Venom. Okay, the reason why it works in the comics, as the symbiote is an alien from another planet. And Peter brings it back to Earth as the black costume during Marvels response to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Peter defeats the symbiote, only to have Eddie Brock get it. So once again, like in the movie, it’s Peter’s fault. Almost not necessary for Peter’s character development to have this villain… wait they turned Venom into an anti-hero?

Mary Jane/Kraven/Peters Dead story line. This would be an awesome trilogy in itself. Peter finally gets the nerve to go ask MJ for her hand in marriage. Kraven systematically breaks Spider-man down, buries him alive, and then replaces him in New York.

Please no clones. No alternate costumes/persona’s. This is where the smart-alec high flying wit of Peter’s banter ended, and one of the reasons why I stopped reading the series.

Cameos. Some of the most memorable issues in the series are the ones where Spidey makes cameos in other comics. Anyone else remember the Fantastic Four issue, where Johnny gives Peter a replacement uniform and a paperbag to wear over his head? I’d just love to see a scene with Peter and Sue Richards…

“So you could have just wrap the Lizard up with a force field? So why didn’t the police phone the Baxter Building reception and ask … Oh, that’s right, you guys were in space. Again.”

That’s it. Post is subject to future edits and additions.

You have been warned.

I’m still here,


Cold Call? Zen Terrorism.

Uncle gave a motivational speech to a cold call telemarketer. Asked him what made him happy and that he should pursue it.

Kept insisting that the telemarketer have a good day. Wouldn’t stop asking him to have a good day.

He ended the conversation with ‘I have to go, somethings happening on the lower end of my body and you don’t want to be there when it happens.’

You’d think the telemarketers would have us on their own Do Not Call list.

Just a matter of perspective

Is my writing progressing? Sometimes like a turtle. Just a matter of how much I’ve put into it and the time elapsed.



So have I done much writing this week? Hardly any. But enough to keep the clutter out of my brain, and daily. Well, almost daily. (But some handwriting, which slows down my thoughts, and it’s a different type of brain dump. It focuses and concentrates. I can understand how poets keep their handwriting and not using a computer to work on their craft.) But looking back on the past 3 years, I’ve done a lot more writing in the past 10. Picking up the habits, and doing more than previous years. Not bad at all, in my humble opinion.


I’m still writing,


Fiction pending/Beat Poetry and others…

Currently I have 3 wtiting projects on the go, and skipping between them seems to be working for me. For now. A constant pressure to keep writing is being generated from skipping between the three of them. And I know, that cardinal rule, ‘Stick to one project, finish it.’ Think I have my own procrastination under control using this method. Not in the mood to write on Project A? Then pick at Project B, later on just add a couple of scenes to Project C. Wait, that extra bit in the outline for Project A needs to be added.

See what I mean? Currently it seems to work, only because none of the projects are under any type of deadline. If this was pay copy I was writing, this is what they would call disorganized. For now, it’s a writing workout regimen that seems to be working.

In other writing news, I did not make the shortlist for the CBC writes short story contest. Hooray! This means that you will be subjected to a piece that is (in my opinion) different than my other pieces. I wrote this up in the beginning of November, had a bit of fun with it too. Listening to beat poetry prior to writing set the pacing, at least in the opening sequence. As well, it marks off a sort of transition point in my writing. After this, I earnestly began to write and get a good chunk of my organic writing out of the way, let those words flow, but stick to an outline. It also marks off a spot where I actively challenged myself to write in a genre that I am not comfortable in.

And in all honesty, it is the one piece of writing that I hate the least. I am my own worst critic, but I have decided that the critic will still blab even if I have put my work out there or not. It’s not going to get read if I delete it off my computer, or dismiss the story idea out of my brain.

And for those of you who have not ever heard of Lord Buckley, it appears that Slam Poetry is alive and well in Canada. I attended a haiku deathmatch last night, did not participate, but was a blast when average people off the street (okay mainly the university) can do deadly battle using haiku’s as words. Charles Hamilton hosted up, smacking cymbal with kendo stick. And we were also treated to Khodi Dill’s amazing and brutally honest words on First Nations rights and lack of media coverage. (Just remember, the genocide will not be televised.) It was a lot of fun, and proof that not only poetry, but spoken word is an art that with the help of the indie arts scene and the internet, is well on it’s way for a comeback. Check your local area for Poetry Slam competition, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve also been looking up more recipes. Explody bottle fun?

Fiction is pending, will post this week, probably friday.


Rest assured if it’s not posted up, I’m still writing,


Violent Kin

One of Saskatoon’s best kept secrets include a brother and sister team bringing an amazing array of talent. When I first asked people about Violent Kin, they got excited and couldn’t wait to tell me about them. “Great stage show.” “, The cd is on constant play in my car.”, “They’re amazing.” “Such a good show.”

And then came the question that no one could answer, “Who are they like?” No one could answer me on this. Which is quite strange for most local bands, as they take on a distinctive style that most mainstream bands play, which makes them the most identifiable. (Sheepdogs = Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young + The Band + Folk pop of the late 70’s.) That basic template makes it easier for people to go and see. It makes it easily marketable.

Unless they are really good.

There is no equal to this duet team. Maygen and SJ Kardash have put in their hours to the craft, and it shows. Influences on People, (and from what I can relate to) include British pop UB40, Roxette, any John Hughes movie from the 80’s with teen empowerment as a main theme, and so many others. The music itself takes that slice of late 80’s and early 90’s where the majority of People (now currently late 30 somethings) were clinging onto Pop, before the harder edge of grunge rock became the norm. They are that lost summer where you wanted one more year of teased hair, neon shirts, and being radical. It takes quite a bit of talent to take this, and not make it cheezey or false with parody.

The message and lyrics are subtle, working your way into deeper meanings that make you want to relisten again and again. And surprisingly the meaning of the songs really reflect these current times of information consumption and channeling the human spirit through these artificial tools. “We’re losing our instincts and in a state of unconsciousness we’re more machine than man.”
(Ironic? I write this on a hunk of plastic, electronic circuit, WiFi signal, and liquid crystals being anonymous in a cafe, while checking my social feeds as to what everyone is doing. Tell me this isn’t the future.) I keep replaying the cd, as like a good book it listens a little different each time.

The stage show at the 220 grand opening was amazing. I had forgotten about huge light shows. Just huge bright light that seemed to creep into every corner of the room. Maygen Kardash on keyboard, clad in Sgt Pepper uniform jacket, leaving stark Patrick Nagel outlines on my retinas. Her voice, clean and sweet, jumping up and declaring to be paid attention. SJ Kardash becomes that guy. Axe hung low, working the crowd with a taught guitar string and smooth trained voice, reaching for those lower depths, still able to harmonize in the upper range. If you were a teen in the 80’s and wanted to play guitar and become a rock god? Yeah, SJ becomes THAT guy on stage. (And you can tell they are siblings, the banter between them definitely shows. But once it’s done, the show is on.) Talented range between the two of them range from the avant garde stage show to an unrelenting driving beat that will take you back to when mesh, leather ties, and Alf ruled. And still not making it cheezy. And still making it relevant to what’s happening today.

So what are they like? They are a crazy talented band that you will tell your friends about. They bring an evening of amazing sounds and sights. This is Pop, perfected. And I’m not one for listening to much Pop. Go see the shows now. Bring extra cash to buy the albums from them. Check their tour dates.

Yeah, they are that good.

Don’t believe me? Please, see the show and prove me wrong.

All things Violent Kin can be found at their website at

I’m still here,

The Avengers Trailer Synopsis – Warning! Contains Spoilers, Sarcasm, Disappointment

Gee, Michael Bay really laid low on the lens flares this time… Did I get the wrong trailer? They’re fighting the Transformers? I did click on the Avengers trailer. Wait..Whedon is directing this. Why does it look like a Transformers film? Seriously, the city street blowing up, the low bass sounds causing doom and gloom…Villain make kaboom. Looks like purple rain…

Oh it’s Loki. Damn, was hoping for Prince. We knew this from the other film, now what…

Oh Noes! Get good guys! Reach into the bag and pull out the wallet marked Bad MotherSHIELDer. (Just remember, The Hoff was once Nick Fury too. Yikes!) Don’t worry. Nick Fury has a plan, and if he were an animal, he’d be all…

Watch as the amazing Tony Stark channels Whedon patter. Or is Stark,the Chosen One? Into each generation, a billionaire genius philanthropist is born, somehow without being an alcoholic…

So it’s more of this…

And less of this…

Hungover, eating donuts, wearing robot parts. If only we could blend the two…

Grumpy Cap is grumpy, because new Cap is grumpy and not morale boosting. Probably can’t get banana flavored super soldier serum at the local VA.  You think regular veterans have problems getting benefits? How about one that can’t prove who he is? (Just wait till he hears that he has to buy his own adamantium shield.)

Ooooh inevitable Team Drama in a room with a round table! What could that remind you of? (Please don’t let that be Rick Jones in the background…) Besides the inevitable, We’ve brought you here because you need to fight ORRR We’ve brought you here because you didn’t fight as a team and we’ve had our butts handed to us.

Wait! More posing and battle clips to the Inevitable Rock Song soundtrack tie in. We haven’t seen that before in a trailer. (If you want to make it world shaking wagnerian scale… use operatic. Seriously, this dude did.)

Sad, no spy intrigue or black ops for Black Widow just spandex, butt shots, and acrobatics… Did the KGB have an olympic fanservice division? It would explain EVERYTHING.

Hawkeye = Spear Holder, This is my bow! I have no speaking role, despite having some of the best lines out of the entire print run of Avengers. Come on! He went deaf once and was on Letterman!

(Still have that issue in a box somewhere. And I think that was Letterman’s actual hair … it’s a great issue!)

Thor – Cosmic Man Candy. Laughs, swings hammer. Looks intense, swings hammer.  It’s like a phallic perfume ad. Look above, think operatic singing. See? Right there. Perfume ad for  Mjolnir, the scent of Victory.

Oooh inevitable tense dialog for When Things Go Wrong, also Explains Team Name.

Flashy lens flare logo which will be branded down to the molecular level on all merchandising goes here…

Then the inevitable dash of humour  along with the now cliche trailer ending with a Very Loud Sound at end. (At least it wasn’t an explosion or something flying out of the screen for 3d effect… guh.)

If you didn’t notice it, there was way too much Hollywood on the trailer. Seriously. Take the themes from and apply Avengers stickers onto them, and that’s what you get.

How about something with a little more? Why did Iron Man 1 work, and Iron Man 2 didn’t? Character development. Why did Fantastic 4 #1 work, and #2 didn’t? Character development.

Team books sell. Team movies sell. From what I’ve seen here, it looks more like sell-out. I hope I’m wrong. But if the movie plays out like the trailer… I hate to say it, but might have to wait for the remake. What? Why? It took 4 Batman movies before Chris Nolan got it right.  Think about it. And I do hope that I’m wrong about all of this, and that the Avengers movie will be amazingly good.

Frankly I was more entertained by this retro Avengers trailer.

Ninjaspy in Saskatoon

Ninjaspy amazing performance last night in #YXE Brilliant combination of Metal and Ska.

In an hour, they will take you on a ride with head bobbing cool grooves to mosh stomping metal, to tender sincere moments, to the utter silliness. This is the clearest photo I took as they conquered the stage. They don’t stop playing, they don’t stop moving. They sincerely own and deliver their music.

I’m just hoping that they get nominated for the Junos this year. In the newly announced category of Metal. At least they now have, what, 20 years of catching up to hand out awards to great Canadian metal bands?

You can find their music and merchandise at