Who is this guy anyways?

Geek in motion, part time genius and chandelier cleaner, procrastinated writer, handsome and humble, Celto-mutt. Dad.  Handsome and humble, Celto-mutt. Clauseless Rebel. Legend on His Own Time. All Round Good Guy. Progressive Time Traveler. Casual Hero. Wars Fought, Bears Wrestled, Equations Solved, Virgins Enlightened, Revolutions Quelled, Tigers Castrated, Orgies Organized, Bars Quaffed Dry, Governments Overrun, Test Rockets Flown, Wives Tamed. Member of the Loyal order of Water Buffalo (Saskatoon chapter)

Pearce Kilgour has been known to be any of these, including also to have haunted several radio stations where he was hosting shows, writing news, writing copy, creating and producing commercials. After the streams got crossed, he found himself in the wonderful world of science and technology, where he worked on these beige boxes which contained electronics that were primarily driven to replace secretaries… which is too bad because these beige boxes didn’t have legs like secretaries. After falling off the planet for sometime, he regained his footing and taught others how to repair these beige boxes.

His plans for world domination include, better memes for the spreading of common sense, tasting every beer on the planet, and using networking connections to change peoples minds.

Currently he is residing in Saskatoon where there is the most sunshine out of any other place in Canada. The rumors about the pants, are just that. Pants.

For explanation on the paper pirate hat – click here


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