Defeating Fear

Fear crept in, dressed like a norm, trying to fit in

But everyone noticed

I hadn’t even thought about that in quite a long time, thought I had dealt with it, moved on and myself, others and life had


But my past self, Fear had dramatically upset the flow. But this time, the (I being present) not the focus.

Fear stinks of desperation and after a while, you don’t notice your own scent. Or own habits that automatically smother yourself in Fear perfume every morning. Good thing that I broke my nose, and relearned what it is to breathe uninhibited, without Fear. Stop, smell the roses, appreciate and be grateful that life is around me and I can thank the moment of being, without fear.

And I thank Fear, for reminding me, of what example I should not become, and how not to bleed others into deep selfish places like picking a scab with a poison jagged claw. Even tolerated in small doses, it’s deep damage can be seen in others, and not just my own skin. Slowly, drip by drip, tear drop by tear drop, infecting, spreading poisonous attitude. I’ve drained that wound, and paid just enough attention to heal the surrounding tissue, till it is all nicely healthy.

Fear has shown me how to walk shoulder to shoulder, and lead with shared smiles, and be lead by those who want everyone to do better. Because we all do better, when we do.

You learn a lot from travelling. Fear is holding yourself and others around you in one place. Fear is the anchors of guilt, and not thinking of any good plans for the future. But I’ve made plans and my feet are moving and hustling. My vehicle is gassed up, engine warmed up, ready to cast off burn rubber and take flight. I thank Fear for direction to a better path to become better.

In the light of love and uplifting others first, there is no fear, only direction to better places. And when I stop, I will become a better place for people to visit with, recharge their spirit, and share the wondrous sounds of laughter and story and dance.

Will this defeat Fear? No. Fear will always be there. Just get into better habit of ignoring that which is holding us back, and go on to better and bigger things.

And leave places better, happier, and full of warmth in each and everyone that I meet.

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