December – Live Your Legend


December meeting notes – LYL

I was really rambly at the meeting, and that I apologize to my other LYL members. So this is a good concentrated list of what I should have prepared.


Previously on LYL

As I missed the October meeting, and November, what happened? A lot of work towards the latest burlesque show Dirty Birds, Dirty Words – Erotic Poetry Burlesque show. Went to Burlycon, improved on my art dramatically as well as centered myself more, spiritually and creatively.

So…. on with the list of things I did/didn’t do.

September Goals – Live Art

1 – Building – Sept.17 and 18th Burlesque show! – DONE – Also got November show in as well!

2 Need Help with – Costumes for personal performance(s) – DONE! Thanks to Laura!

3 Next Step is To – Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse, make list of everything, double check it, apply magic wizard beard powers. DONE – should have rehearsed more, but that’s a past regret. Must rehearse numbers over and over.

1- Building – Nov.27 and 28th AND February Burlesque Show! 1/2 DONE November done, planning with Group for February.

2 Need Help with – Look into this after September show. But keep on LYL list to do. Asked for help, got it done.

3 Next Step is To – Confirm performer availability, TIP, Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver/Victoria and other Poet/Burlesque  DONE

September Goals – Words / Manuscripts / Novels

1 – Building – Query Letters for Manuscripts : 1 down, 1 to go #AmWriting #MSWL DONE

2A – Need Help with – Beta Readers need to get their reading done by end of September. 1/2 DONE

2B – Sourcing potential agents through #mswl on twitter AND from other people who are looking for the same resources. Still working on this

3 – Next Step is To – Finish other Query Letter/Pitch, finalize hand edits on paper, plan redraft options and schedule, schedule, schedule. Keep writing in all those little 5 minute open time, like when you’re on a webpage making lists… that’s writing, right?  Still working on this

September Goals – Health

1 Building – Simple Yoga stretching Routine, include Yin, meditation, breathing, more walking. Still working on this

2 Need Help with – Schedule routine, and developing own series of stretches, Still working on this

3 Next Step is To – Check Yoga membership price, see if volunteer for karma classes/Voiceover Still working on this

September Goals – Mental

1 Building – Journaling, need to do a daily pages/journal. Meditation. Still working on this, more done in November

2 Need Help with – Keeping up a daily habit of Journaling just all the random thoughts to clear head, so current mood is not affecting projects/characters in story. Taking time to set aside all the other things, stretch, and write. Still working on this

3 Next Step is to – Pick a random empty journal, and start using it. Get really good pen. 1/2 DONE, journal good helped out a lot in Seattle and other thoughts, sourcing favorite pen


aka What’s up December?

1- What am I Building

Financial * Personal Business – plan and pitch to better brains – aka will this idea fly? Is it feasible? Will the Market have a need for my skills/talent?
Health * Yoga Practice every other day, Dental / Annual Physical, doing more walking and getting into nature more. (Great timing to figure this out, winter on the prairies, sheesh)
Study * IT skills, Story Tellers Index
Mental / Spiritual * Mediation/Journalling, more time doing that

Personal * Spend more time with loved ones
2- What do I Need Help With

Graphic Designer / Logo / Web interface * Need cheap and good, not fast
Business Plans to be built – need template
Yoga need to be scheduled/budgeted – Hot Yoga on 20th? Ground Yoga? One Yoga? Who has best karma classes/time for more classes.
Study – What’s the next IT skill I need? Also need access to more storytellers and their skills to learn.

3 – What is the Next step

ASK for HELP – See any of the above in Need Help, If you see info, please forward that to me.
Schedule the THINGS – Life / Work / Rehearsal / Voiceover / Study
Get Things Done

Get Business Name Registered  – Online, one step, can be done.

Continually Living a Legend of Myself (still sounds pretentious, doesn’t it?)

1 Building – Writing : awesome fiction! Voiceovers for potential income stream. Video/Audio of performances for demo tape. Internet platform with fun merchandise/content. Develop a type of workshop that I can teach in person/online. Have more Tacos.

2 Need Help with – Finishing all the projects. Prioritizing and delegating things I don’t know how to do, so they can get done AND learning how to do it on the way.

3 Next Step is To –

Do it, just start doing it. Something/Anything. Better to have it done, and start doing it better. Cannot start doing anything better, without finishing at least one thing.

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