They don’t want you to see this Vegas Photo Shoot

These are not the photos that you would typically see from a trip from Vegas. (And I’ve got a whole bunch of others that I need to check on first.) And this is not a typical post.IMG_3691Under a hot Vegas sun, a burlesque beauty was blowing bubbles. Close to the original Welcome to Vegas sign, I signed up for a photo safari involving a whole lot of great models with mind blowing backdrops. I’m still working on my photographic skills… (And writing, and dance, and burlesque, and ukulele, and kazoo….. I’m waiting permission to use those photos before putting them anywhere. You might see them in another place, if you follow me closely.)

IMG_3631Close to Circus Circus, the Stratosphere cuts into the heat. Some construction sites around the strip seem halted, evidence of the slowdown in economic movement despite the constant influx of tourists. By this time, my scalp had started to burn but I was enjoying every moment on the roof of the double decker tour bus.

Two days previous, I was approached with offers of free tickets to major shows. After the pitch, it was obvious that it was a direct advertisement for a timeshare owned by one of the major hotels on the strip, new development. Every form of capturing tourist dollar is out there. Because those are new dollars into the local economy.

Most places in Vegas shine with amazing ridiculousness that encourages debauchery to loosen wallets.


Others have been left out in the sun for far too long.


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