King City : Boom – Part Seven

“Stage one of the activation will be throwing these.” Boggart held out the two sugar cubes with dots on them. “This is as close as we can get to actual dice without going through years of enchantments.”

Warren looked to the dice that lay atop his overflowing paperwork. The two sugar cubes sat there. He looked up to Boggart and Slinger.

“You know it’s this weird shit that took me out of the game.” The graying speedster sat back in the tall chair. “I’ve got a business to run. And you want all my runners to roll these across intersections of King City?”

“Sir,” Slinger stood taller. Warren lifted an eyebrow at the title and smirked. “Your work would identify where the next explosion will take place.”

“That true, demon?”

“It is. Sir.” Boggart reported with a dry sense of tone. “With Rory being in a comatose state, it has broken the chain of events. Apparently each bomb was tied into the next. Master Hartlan has broken that chain, and we need to find where the next link points towards it.”

“You know my guys will have to okay them doing this. Some, are none too happy having powers as it is. Doing castings? I don’t know if they’d be up for it.” Warren moved some files out of the way, pulled up his keyboard, picked up the phone. “Janice, I need a weight, come to my office.”

In a blink, a bright white uniform was there, curvy and wasp waisted, “Yo.”

Warren took the two sugar cubes, “These.”

“Done.” She held out a post it note.

“Magic huh?” Warren rolled his head, stretched his arms out, then put his hands to the keyboard. There was a sound of bees in the air, then the printer begain to spit out. “Okay, that’s the number of deliveries and the cost.”

Boggart took the paperwork, lifted a spiney eyebrow, then passed the paper over to Spell Slinger.

“Yeah, the KCPD aren’t going to be happy about that. But at least the environmentalists are going to be okay with not using plastic dice.” Slinger handed it back to Warren. “Fax it over to them, address it to Goodstone.”

“Yeah, they aren’t, but I’m sure the taxpayers will be worse on them, than us.”

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