Day 11 to 17 – Plateau

The magic moment.

There comes a point when the practice becomes easy and familiar. Your body starts to move through the poses automatically. Refinements come a lot faster, stretching becomes natural. It’s in a place where the stretch really feels good, and there isn’t a sign of any discomfort anywhere. Your progress is faster now, you don’t even notice how fast you achieve. The progress becomes habit, and natural.

Like breathing.

It’s the yoga plateau.

This is where you can look to the horizon and see how far you can go.

And then somewhere around day 16, unexpected pain and discomfort spring up in places that you didn’t expect. Places that weren’t there before are suddenly bright with pain. It’s new, and it jars your pacing. You have to slow down.

This is the quitting point for most people. Getting past the first discomfort is the only obstacle they can see. They aren’t expecting any other problems to show up.

But the largest obstacle they have is themselves.

They expect that plateau to go on forever, and for some it might. But others hit that wall and focus on the dread and struggle they are going to face again.

If they quit, it will be twice or three times as hard for them to start again.

That’s the difference. The focus.

It’s a lot easier to continue a habit of success when you focus on the progress, than to abandon it.  Even through pain and discomfort.

Focus on how far you’ve come. You aren’t that same person you once were.


Om still here,



P.S. Epsom salt soak is once again, really appreciative. Just prepare for inevitable pain, not constant pain.

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