Day 7 – Status Blah? Status HA!

When you threaten the status quo, it isn’t necessarily wrong.

Every time you pick up a pencil and sketch something, you are bucking the advertising and marketing trend.

Every time you sing your own song, you are not fueling the major music industry. (By the way, they now call music ‘putting money in our pockets and not the artists.)

Every time you think of a new idea to write about, you are making art.

Every time you try a new ingredient in your cooking, you are making it your own.

You are doing something different. You are showing your true self.

Individuality is not the new black/toy craze/rage in Hollywood. It’s just under-sold, it is easier to be controlled as a group, than as a free thinking individual.

You are bringing those thoughts and ideas above the heads of the mass grey mundane crowd. Don’t be a tourist with those thoughts. Let them be Marco Polo, let them explore places where you have not been.

You will stand apart. You won’t be part of a barely alive biomass that drudges it’s way from 8 to 5. The zombie apocalypse is here and it is mass trended into your demograph.

Because what is good for you, is not what is good for everyone. Being yourself is the best thing you can do for your own happiness.

And when you have fear, get to the reason Why. Find the truth of it. How? When you get one answer, ask why again. Do that five times. Then you’ll get down to the raw truth of it.  And you can deal with that. It no longer has that five layers of reasons and excuses to hide behind.

And what will others think? Don’t worry about that. That is a group thought. Not an individuals thought.

Great people rarely fit inside the box. Start thinking like them, outside the box.

I’m still here,


P.S. Seven days of Yoga challenge down, apparently the hardest part is over. Twenty Three to go!

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