Amanda Palmer and Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre is Evil

Amanda Palmer and Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre is Evil

These are the responsible ones.

If you aren’t listening to this album, you will be. Soon.

If you were to take members of Garbage, The Clash, a forgotten 80’s pop producer, half an orchestra, possibly Brian Wilson… and then forced them to make out till they bled underneath a Brighton Beach boardwalk… you would get Theatre is Evil.

This is the brilliant cutting fractal edge of pop. Something old blended in with something new. At moments there is poodle skirts, and dance hall days, then drop into staccato Get To The Point questions that only a fearless independent artist can question. The tender parts of this album are brutally honest. Some chefs will recognize that bitter lemons will cook the stiffest of meats from marinating over a long time. Those few slow moments which stretch only reflect the long hours of passionate poetic lyrics. I wonder what she was laughing at in those few songs, you can hear it, that chuckle. And that’s the beauty of this album, its raw, and passionate. Any Hollywood producer would have asked for another take and redo it. That would have castrated the feralness of this work.

How long has Amanda Palmer been working on this content? I can only imagine a huge pile of crumpled papers, ink blots splattered, scratched out lyrics, back light crimson with an unused dressing screen. There is no ruler or math formula that can capture this.

My only regret is that I missed out on the original Kickstarter on this album, and had to pay retail for it. That, and there is no ukulele songs. The best part is this album will get better over time. Once you listen to it, you will know at least 2 people who need it. Buy 4 copies, so you can happily wear yours out first.

All things Amanda Palmer can be found on Youtube, micro blog style,  and her website,

I’m still here,

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