Getting it Done

There’s the laundry to be done, that’s been piling up because there are no socks to wear. And those boxes of things that are still there from the move, yeah should look at those as well, because there is that one thing that you couldn’t find that one evening that you needed. Lunches to plan and possibly box up dinners for the week, can possibly get to those later-wait, have to stop by the grocery store and get some green onion, maybe some of that fresh dill-when does the fish place close at? Plan out some meals to have some leftovers so original plans for lunch might change-Then again, the doctor said to eat a little healthier, a few more green veggies into the mix, less red meat. The vitamins! I’m out of those, stop by the pharmacy when I finally – But damn it has been a long week, so just one episode of Dr.Who or what was that show that your coworker recommended? Just 20 minutes looking it up online, then update on facebook and see what’s going on there. Maybe that show is available elsewhere. Is it at the library-Gods, those books are overdue, must get those back. But it’s not so bad paying the library as the money goes back into buying new books. The books, must update those receipts so the taxes are right and not doing that last minute scramble at 3am like last year. Then there is that thing that you volunteered for, what was it that Jim or Phyllis asked you to do? Salad, for what, that was a home warming? Or a fundraiser? Was it jelly salad? I know there is a coupon in the car… should get it vacuumed out. Can’t think, maybe if I have a 30 minute nap that would help-CRAP! Well that was a good 3 hour nap and almost time to go to bed. There goes the evening, what else can I do tonight, not much… maybe I can get some writing done-MMmm chips and the Doctor that’sStop.I’ve learned recently that the more clutter in your brain of all the things that you ‘intend to do’ only get in the way of you actually doing those things. Stop thinking about these things, start actually doing them. Bad failure is better than good intention.

I’ve also learned recently that not taking risks is a way to keep procrastinating and moving on.

From the creative writing point of view, this is why people grab journals, laptops, headphones and remove themselves from their various homes. The anonymity of the coffee shop brings the ambiance of being someone completely other than who you are. You aren’t that person with the huge ‘To Do’ list. You are the one who is concentrating on writing. One word after another. Elegance and poetry to the content will come later. Just write. You can focus on just that one story, that one outline, that one sentence that needs to be fixed.

This is also a reminder to myself, who just spent 5 hours running around town getting various errands done, like stopping by the barbershop, the comic shop, an antiques shop (must find a buyer for those prints), then the kitchen shop at the mall (still have to find a full steel french press without plastic parts) then finally to the coffee shop. One caffeinated beverage, sit down, phone rings, then 20 minute conversation with awesome people.

Then the idea for this blog post. What has stopped me from writing lately? Myself. And the brain clutter. Remove myself from the things that stimulate the brain clutter and focus on just writing. So I’m posting it up now. Not later, there are grammatical and spelling mistakes. I don’t like the flow on some of it, could rework it. But it’s a lot better than the twenty draft blog posts I haven’t touched in three weeks.

Why? Because it’s getting done.

I’m still here, writing,


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  1. Hi,
    Sounds just like the day I had last week, different lists, but I can relate.
    I also managed to get it all done, although it did take a couple of days. 🙂

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