NaNoWriMo – The Aftermath

22 Days into November, I pushed book 3 beyond the 50000 word mark. And that was just act 1 of three for the third book in the trilogy that I had laid out. A lot had changed in the time I originally planned out the trilogy. The main character was to enter into some espionage for the Queen, as well as do some infiltration, all the while being hunted and trying to maintain a double or triple cover…. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I totally turned her into a Mary Sue where she fixed out several situaions, but at least I made her independant enough to handle situations. Acts two and three for the third book are still in point form.

But the trilogy is done.

What did I learn this time around for this years efforts?
The days where I pushed and padded my daily word goal seemed to wear me out creatively, there just wasn’t enough to go by the time I hit the midway mark, pushing myself to get done faster. I had to take few days off here and there and step away from the writing. I’ve also learned that I can easily do the daily writing in this method, but it really does not make good quality story telling. It really isn’t.

I had to Deus Ex Magica/Machina all of the subplots out to concentrate onto the main character. This is what happens when you write organically and other characters jump up out of nowhere. Planning comes with set plans, as well as focuses your intention and keeps you on track for really good story telling. Which is something I need to do more of.

So the question everyone is asking me now is, when do we get to see it? I tell them, they won’t ever see this version, not unless they are willing to face my wrath. It truly is a trilogy of a zero draft. Some characters are too vapid and do not play the role, only to make other characters do things beyond what the main characters concentration. The plot stumbles along in the third book, impossible as I left book two ending. I’ve learned that I need to start the tension events and plot chapters in unexpected places to keep the pacing of the story. I’ve learned that unecessary details can be dropped and the reader can fill in the information that they need with their own imagination. I’ve also learned that I need to read more Bradbury to hone brevity and develop my own style of structure that will let the reader know my distinctive style.

The story idea is very basic and to do the story justice, I have to strip it right down to the bare basics. Develop the characters which play the proper roles, make their own struggles and achievements believable. I am contemplating a jump into a different genre with this story, as the fantasy genre is good, but there is a definite glut. Putting it into modern fantasy or urban fantasy will add some more necessary tension and developments, as well it would fit well with the overall main character theme of ‘hiding her latent talent’.

So if you honestly do want to read all three books, (over 50k words a piece) I will offer them to you, if I want. I know which parts shine and overall which huge swaths of blarney can be dropped. But if you bribed me with a very large sum of money, I’d release a heavily creative commons no-derivatives restrictive license version of the text stories to you. It maybe crap, but it’s my crap.

Last of all, I’ve learned that I need to stop thinking about the writing and just write. Given myself permission to make mistakes, and charge forth. To hesitate in the creative process only stops me, and I may become famous for making so many mistakes along the way. There is a phrase, something about having to love and lost… If I get lost along the way, know that I will be writing. If you like this post, leave feedback. If you really like this, tell a friend. If you absolutely love this, tell a friend and send money, then get them to send money. If you are beyond love and into insane obsession, get out of my bushes, shovel my walk or something, be a useful stalker.

I’m still here, (writing)

Up next? Music Reviews, flash fiction, food recipes and the like. Possible serial series that I’ve been alluding to? Or hints into sekrit projects that might take me down a different route creatively? If I don’t dream or plan big, then I won’t grow. And NaNoWriMo 2012? Not sure. It is time to make every month a writing effort.

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