NaNoWriMo Burnout?

Done for the day, don’t want to write anymore for a little bit, possibly a few days maybe after the weekend.

Wrote this morning, wrote at lunch, and some tonight. Last year I had a bigger sprint on one day, similar wordcount, but that was because I was behind. This year I’m not, I’m consistently ahead.

Knew I had to stop when I couldn’t come up with anymore descriptions or relevant scenes when I wrote.
‘She sat in the chair. It was comfortable. She read the letters.’

Also using Deus Ex Magica to help bring the things that the MC needs.
Also extending every contraction into separate words.

The end is near, and my goal is to finish this story. Give it a nice ending. Then I can set it aside, strip it down to bare bones story outline, give the characters a serious look at, then rework it. Possibly into a new genre, as straight fantasy being a base is not that bad. But as an alternate/secret world in an urban fantasy setting would be a lot better for the characters. Sort of a Dune meets Shadowrun with larger …. just larger plot developments.

Yeah, getting the NaNoWriMo Burnout, the daily grind has hit me, that midway point where every writer taking on this challenge goes ‘Just what the hell am I doing?’  But I am going to set this aside, as it probably is from not finishing this story for 3 years. This ending is completely different than what I originally had planned. Spy intrigue for our heroine has turned into Escape from Prison City.

It doesn’t matter on this zero draft version. The outline has been long since been set on fire by organic writing. I’m going to finish this trilogy. I’ve finished off two parts, the third ( knowing this being the hardest part) will be done.

As I previously wrote, my NaNo Oath this year…

Just have to commit to it. And write hard. None of this writing soft business. Grab it. Embrace it. Channel it. Lay it out, then set fire to it. Write those phrases, like a viking. LIKE A VIKING.

Viking tired, need new village, and sleep for a month or so.

But only after the next 10k words. Soon.

But if I push myself any harder on this, I may not finish that 10k and say screw it. I won’t. I will finish this trilogy, my mantra, my slogan.

Regardless, I’m still writing,
P.S. Looking forward to writing nice short stories and grocery lists.

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  1. I’m right there with you! I’m on my second year of NaNoWriMo, and this year my goal is to hit 75k in November, and finish the story in December. Last year I hit 50k and had half a story that I abandoned after November. I hope not to do that this year. I have a premise and some characters that I really like this time around, and I really want to explore the revision process on this one when I’m done. That being said, I’m definitely feeling the burnout of trying to hit 2,500 words per day. I’m a bit behind, but if I can hit a 4k day today I’ll be at 50k and done.

    Thanks for the blog entry, it’s encouraging sometimes to see what others are going through.

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