I’m still writing

I’ve been writing.

Check it, blast of fiction, 700 words max, it’s noir, it’s hardboiled, it’s crime fiction.

My offering is not their usual content which comes up on Shotgun Honey. But I’d like to thank them for the opportunity and the writing challenge. As well as getting my story out there.

Also submitted to CBC short story contest. No idea how that is going to go. First prize is 6000 loonies. Would be really nice. First readers loved it, and I like it too. Which is one of my biggest alarms, usually my writing in a polished form I hate… there is something wrong with it, or something needs to be fixed with it. No one has found anything wrong with it… besides my grammar and a couple of spelling mistakes which I fixed.

Also been getting rid of a whole bunch of crap writing in my NaNoWriMo offering. Not happy about the quality, but if I’m just churning out words to get in the habit, it’s better I get these done in crap words that no one else will dare read. So plan is to finish the trilogy, scrape it down to a barebones outline do a proper first draft.  But, maybe after getting down a decent outline and a few parts, it might be plausible to see if there is an actual market for this idea. Now that I’ve got all the players fleshed out as I go along, I can make it better.

Getting into the regular habit of writing everyday is possible and plausible at this point.

Just have to commit to it. And write hard. None of this writing soft business. Grab it. Embrace it. Channel it. Lay it out, then set fire to it. Write those phrases, like a viking.  LIKE A VIKING.

I’m still here,


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