4 Years Quit Smoking

4 years, a month and some…
My Quit Date: 8/6/2007 9:20 AM

So I didn’t post up my 4 year Wahoo! … in all fairness, it was during my holidays, I just finished moving into a new place. And I was on the road with the kid.

Being away from the habit, I don’t miss it. It’s so nice not having those little thoughts that keep plaguing every moment. It’s nice not having the dependant actions around that little tube filled with plant leaves and over 500 chemicals. It’s so nice to not throw money away at something that only momentarily clouded my perception and falesly removed stress. It’s so nice being free.

I don’t need to schedule my actions and think ahead for that. I don’t need to start thinking ahead of where I need to be so I can satisfy the craving. I don’t need to check my pockets for them and all other accessories before I leave. I don’t need to think of ‘what place is open in case I run out’.

Easy to do? No. Setbacks? Yes. But anything worth while (including yourselves individually) is worth working on. And it is work. If not, it would be called play. The best way to get here, is not give up, don’t stop quitting.

I’ve gained freedom, perspective, and control.

And I’m still here,

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