The NaNoWriMo Oath

I will get at least 6 hours of sleep per night. (I will not join the raid/storming castle, or fire up the console. I won’t go to the midnight show. I will take sufficient rest so my brain is well tuned to write and create worlds. I will combat my own insomnia in my own way and not use it for an excuse to keep writing.)

I will enjoy the work. (Whether it takes an hour, two hours, three, per day to get my word count, I will enjoy it. I will embrace the stress, and LAUGH!)

I will only write down what is pertinent to my novel. (If I absolutely must get that brilliant idea down, I will put it in a small text file and not look at it until December. December. December, December, December. Not anytime sooner than December. See my point? I will not incorporate into current work. Go back to it in December. Unless it’s really cool and I can work it in. Plausibly work it in.)

I will eat food. (Also, I will take regular breaks away from the keyboard to stretch and tend to those who are in my life. Some of you may know that children and spouses who cannot fend for themselves are still important to have in your lives. It’s better to have them happy in your life, than cranky and starving. As well, getting blood clots in my legs causing massive brain hemmoraging strokes because I haven’t moved in 6 hours is a terribly embarrasing way to die. I’ve heard this ‘excercise’ thing is good for promoting blood circulation and clearing the fog from the brain.)

I won’t panic. (Well, only if there is blood or fire. And even then, if I do, it won’t help. It really doesn’t. If you are too busy panicing, you aren’t writing.)

I will get my daily word count. (Barring that, I will make plans on when I will get caught up and stick to those plans. If I must take weekends off, I will make my word count of 2500 per day. And it’s really easy to take one day off, it’s harder to write more when you are already tired with a larger word count to make up for.)

I will keep the suck in my writing and not edit it out. (I will also keep the good, the bad, the ugly, the mundane, the plotholes. This is not a publishable work, and if it is, you should be writing as full time employment. Even so, you’ll have time to do a decent first draft. I however, shall make this my ZERO draft, a very large story bible/universe to draw upon. Operation : Torture characters for drama underway. If they don’t make it, then I know my characters strengths and weaknesses.)

I will learn from my mistakes and not become discouraged. There is life before and after NaNoWriMo. (Even if I don’t make my 50k, I will gain perspective and keep writing, I will not let this challenge stop me from sharing my stories with others. Shorter stories probably.)

I will not blog/edit other stories/brainstorm new stories. (Um, okay, maybe just this once, but my word count is up to Saturday!)

I’m still here,

For more information on National Novel Writing Month, please visit the website, and donate. Your contribution will help talented students in low resource schools.


  1. Great advice. I would add to that: “I will remember to look up from my writing and speak to my husband at least once every day.”

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