NaNoWriMo 2010 or Why You Won’t See Any New Blog Updates Till December

I’ve got several options for this years NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month… but it’s international. Don’t ask me, I’m not in charge of these things!) Onto the options!

Horror. A new genre for me to write for, and from previous posts, I do have a good one that I can use. It’s a real different step away from my usual writing. But according to my kid, the stuff I have written for it so far is really good and creepy. Haven’t been able to nail down a decent outline or even an organic flow for the idea. Like a really good chili, this one may take quite a while to do.

Something completely different. Tales of King City, as a series of ‘comic book’ issues. I could come up with 3 different stories and then the 4th tying all the previous 3. The plot outline and story base would be very cliffhanger, and suitable for the pace of NaNoWrimo writing style. (Resources needed, big whiteboard, and a backup truckload of sanity… maybe next year or year after.)

Daikaiju. Loosely translated, Giant Monster. This one I will have to visit later, have to talk to a couple of biologists and physicists first. But it’s too good of a concept for me to not write. Plus there is only a niche reading audience, as there hasn’t been any major mainstream publishers taking this sub-genre seriously. May turn into a writing project that would get trunked later.

Last year was book 1 of the fantasy trilogy, still first draft. I could rewrite it, and tighten in it up. Or go onto book 2 and 3. It’s steampunkish, fantasy, teen angst, zombie, political intrigue… yeah, just about every genre except porn. It’s a format, or lack thereof that allows me the greatest possibilities.

So, what do I go with?

I’ve cleaned up a few outlines on other story ideas and set them off to the side so they aren’t waiting on the back burner. (As well as plaguing my subconscious with guilty thoughts of not writing them…) I have to stick to one story and one story only. If I stray from this, I risk not making the 50k on the one story.

It’s going to suck. It’s going to be filled with adverbs. However, if I can get through a bad first draft, then strip it down to an outline, then do some serious rewrites and edits… it will be worth it. Even from what I’ve learned last year, the experience of writing 1666 words per day is worth it. I know already, that I will have to pad the daily word count up to around 2200 as there will be days when I won’t be able to write. Those days are inevitable, and if I want to succeed, I’ll have to plan ahead. (It’s also cost cutting for my budget, if I’m not spending money when I’m out socializing…)

So I think I will go with book 2 of the fantasy trilogy. I kind of have the feeling, if I don’t do book 2 for first draft soon, I never will write it. Then again, it’s worse for me not to write it, than to get that bad first draft out of the way for more serious writing. What new ways can I torture my characters this time around? Will they actually stick to the very loose outline that I came up with? Guess I’ll know when I finally get down to writing it.

There won’t be any new fiction posts until December. There won’t be any new reviews. And if there is, and I’m still on track with my daily word count, it will be a miracle. Unless I have a couple of record days like I did last year where I did 8k worth in one sitting. We can only hope.

I’m still here, going to rest before the fiction marathon starts,

If you want to join in on the November madness of writing 50k word novel, head on over to


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