Headed South

By 5 pm Friday, I hope the view is something like this.

Picture is over a year old, from my south dakota trip, the first picture of the trek.

Took Friday off, and time once again to do one of those things that ‘We keep meaning to do’. Killing off another one of those ‘One of these years we should do this.’ Intentions to do things without actually intending to do them is wishful dreaming. Not living.

I’m headed to the Big Muddy, Saskatchewan Badlands for Outlaw days. Fun in small border town Saskatchewan. My Uncle and my Cousin are appearing in a play. Will try and geocache while there, there is an Earthcache nearby (GC1FGVM) . I will definitely take photos, or get kid to. But for now, I’m packing stuff up, charging batteries, iPood is loaded up with podcasts and doing that usual thing with bags and stuff… Do I need this?

For now, I’m going to stick to simple rules for travel.
1 – Pack 1 set for hot weather
2 – Pack 1 set for cold wet weather
1a2a – One good formal shirt
3 – Bring Book, don’t need batteries for those
4 – Have fun
5 – One extra pair of underwear and socks, for comfort.
6 – Insomnia Man needs to bring own pillows.

Oh yeah. A couple other things, Outlaws would use the caves nearby to hideout. There is a brutal bloody history in the area, but given enough research, any place has this. I’ve heard the area be called God’s country. Is it religious? No, it’s because no man wants that land. Grim and true.

I’m still here,
soon to be there,
and then back again,
stay tuned,


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