Food – Taco feast

A long time tradition in my family is to have these taco feasts. These are the same types of feasts that the lords of Rome would have hundreds of slaves scouring the countryside for food and bring them into a large pile, gorge themselves, then go to the vomitorium, then repeat.

Well… not exactly like that, but there is mass consumption of tacos.

Out at the lake there is a cabin, all afternoon long, there would be preparation of corn tortillas, hamburger, cheddar cheese, large baking sheets of these tacos all nicely laid out. Like yummy bundles of crunchy carb wrapped goodness.

I got a craving for them, and never prepared them myself, only in the mass consumption. So off to the grocery store I went. Here’s what you would need to complete your taco feast… short 3 or 4 retired nurses who like to cook way too much.

1 small package lean hamburger
1 package CORN tortillas (12) These should be about 7 – 8 inches in size
1 can beans
1 lettuce head
Salsa and Hot Sauce

Brown up the hamburger, add pepper and salt, sprinkle some chili or chili flakes. Now in the other frying pan, (yes I do this, to make sure you read the whole thing first before going ahead and cooking like madmen) you want to get a teaspoon of oil heated up per tortilla.

Put the corn tortilla in the hot oil, add some hamburger, sprinkle some cheese on it. Now watch it. As soon as the sides of the tortilla start to curl up, you want to flatten the taco over into half. Squishing it in half actually help harden up the sides.


Corn Taco

Apply even pressure to help cook

So imagine if you would, 2 large cast iron pans on medium heat, frying up these tortillas for a couple of hours. And it doesn’t take a long time to get them fried up. Have a baking sheet at the ready with some paper towel. That will suck up the extra oil that will be on the tortillas. If you are making these in mass quantities have 2 at the ready. One with paper towel to rest, and another to put on a pan to keep warm in the oven.

Tacos resting after a hard days work in the frying pan.

Just like that.

So then, it’s time to plate up your own.

Voila! Arriba! Tacos!

Of course by this time, once I had this already to eat, I wasn’t hungry, as I had been tasting and sampling and snacking all afternoon long… They are still good for leftovers.

Food misdemeanor activities for next time I’m doing these :
Sunflower oil with jalapeno infusion for frying up the tortillas. Extras to add onto it, fried green and red peppers, smoky beans, more salsa and hot sauce.

I’m still here,

Next food coming up… Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Oh yeah, this is food too good for your own children

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers


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