Flash Fiction Friday : TimeBender

I’ve always enjoyed the time travel stories. Despite the multiple versions and methods, it’s become a mainstay in fiction. I do enjoy the cause/effect and the warping of events and possibilities. But it’s more than that. It’s the travel. For any hero based story, it’s about the journey and the challenges that it produces. Time itself becomes a path that can be looped, crossed over, and travelled backwards on. This is fiction, and we’re all about how to root for the hero to save the day/girl/world.

The term timebender popped into my blip feed, just something I started to adopt as a hashtag type label for retro. It’s the music which drives most people, and I’d like to actually get this done as a serial series, with a specific soundtrack. Animated in the style of Tony Harris would be amazing. I can always dream, but in the meantime, I’d better keep writing.

Here’s a quick little glimpse into TimeBender.

I’m still here,



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