Diefenbaker Park – My Geocaching Waterloo!

Still gorgeous out there, mosquitos surprisingly not as bad as they were earlier this summer. Had to get out and enjoy it as the amount of daylight keeps dropping 3 minutes every day. Plus with the overnight temperatures of 3 degrees, I think that was old man winters postcard. Fall may come a little early this year, and hopefully not full of rain. Just remember, minus 40 is damn cold compared to what we’re having now.

Was on the lookout again for Sask First Residents (GCV3GN), Diefenbaker Park (GC23AW5), Saskatoon Geo-Post Office (GCX13P)… 3 more DNF’s, got scratches. Dief park is my waterloo, I don’t know if its the frisbee golf or what. Can’t seem to find those 3, must try again one of these times, but not solo. The MVA trail was closed, but some people were still using it.

Here’s a few shots that I took.

Beaver Shot!

3 adult geese, and one almost adult gosling.

Sunset over train bridge

About 4.5 inches across, really big print.

Path by the river

All of the above shots were taken within 20m of each other. There really is a lot of great places to explore in Saskatoon. Take the time, get out there, while it’s still (relatively) warm.

I’m still here,



  1. We’re travelling through Saskatoon in a couple of weeks, and planning to cache while we’re there. Thanks for posting these nice pictures.

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