Checking the pulse of creativity – NaNoWriMo

It is 74 days until NaNoWriMo starts. I have been debating several options for this years effort. Planned out, is the second draft for book one of the fantasy/steampunk trilogy. Or first draft of book two and three, doing a double word count, so I can guarantee to get at least book two done…

Or perhaps doing something completely different altogether.

The idea of taking characters from an MMO I used to roleplay in and creating a series of ‘issues’ to complete one novel would be interesting. I’d have to start planning the skeleton and structure of the story now with the complex plots and subplots. A series of short stories with a major underlying story that ties them altogether. Sort of a DC Vertigo version of Pulp Fiction structure with Pop archetypes of comic book heroes. It would definitely be different than anything else I’ve tried to do. And given the basis, I could easily get my word count per day, if not double. It’s tempting for a grand overall story. May keep this as a backup plan in case something else kicks in. Like another plan not working out.

The other idea, is to try out horror. Something that I’ve dabbled in with in stories, but have always relied on the tried and true structure of fantasy or sci-fi. Dystopian societies are just as easy to write, as you can go on for pages and pages on the background story for the world and how it got in that state. I’ve started a few things on the blog, just little snippets of larger stories that work poetically on their own. So far the general response to those has been, Where’s the rest of it?

Creatively, that’s where I’m sitting. Doing blog posts instead of my daily. Or the long waited serial series that I keep threatening to post up.

I could blame it on a change in life. Recently moved into a new place and still getting adjusted. I could blame it on the 3 legged kitten Charlie.

No pixies under here!

Charlie, 3 legged kitten, pixie killer, part time hat filler.

I could blame it on work, recently returning after some time off. Then again, I keep remembering the Irish phrase “I am blessed with work.”

But one thing I should keep doing, no matter how bad or good the writing goes. I should keep writing.

I’m still here,


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