Flash Fiction : Spirit

The following is part of a flash fiction story (way down at bottom of post is link) that jumped out of my brain. The name challenge Clinton Plenty was on the list. It’s not his story though. This maybe the kickoff for my November writing challenge, depending on how far I get outlining my fantasy trilogy, I may throw some excerpts on, pending reader response.

A huge thanks and shoutout to my guest editor, JC Hutchins. He looked at the first draft of this and applied his mighty old school journalist editing powers to make me realize how much rewriting I need to do. Tighten up prose, check grammar. You know, the basics? Thanks again JC. You are brilliant, and the world will get the 33 eventually. (For those of you who haven’t experienced the awesome work of 7th Son, and Personal Effects : Dark Arts, I’m so jealous that you get to experience it for the first time. But you’ll be jealous that I’ve gone through a lot of his great work.) Also check out his amazing meta-fiction for Discovery Channel.

Without further ado, here’s Spirit (working title),

I’m still here,


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