The Numbers

Cigarette free for 1101 days.

If there was no quit, I’d have breathed in the crap from 13212 smokes.

Based on average 1mg of nicotine per cig, that’s a total of 13.2 kilograms total. Lethal single dose average is around 40-60 mg. Averaged out, that’s around 264 lethal doses. I would have inhaled enough nicotine to kill 264 people, that’s about a third of SARS mortality to date.

King Size cig is 85mm or 8.5 cm… Lined up, that would be 1123.02 kms. Which is the diameter of one of Saturns moons, Dione.

Most of the time, I don’t think about it at all. But occasionally, the nico-demon rears up, I’ve gotten a lot better of ignoring it, and it’s a lot quieter.

I still get cravings.

I still have nicotine dreams where I wake up feeling guilt that I have broken my quit and I have to go through the withdrawl all over again.

It’s been 3 years and five days. This is my quit.

I’m still here,

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