Three Legged Cat/Vacation AND Tales of King City – Balance

It’s Tuesday, I’m moved into my new place, with all my clutter. One of the current residents is a 3 legged kitten. I never thought I would be typing those words. Regardless of the missing limb, this cat is amazing. Quickly adapted to his situation, there isn’t a spot he can’t jump up or do. And it hasn’t stopped his kitten spirit. Surprising from the basement I can pick out the sound of his 3 legged galloping. I’ll be randomly giving updates on my twitter feed under the hash tag #GoodJobCharlie and #3LeggedKittenTales And in the spirit of Dos Equis Man, this cat is so charming, a vaccine needs to be developed against it, lest it take over the world.

Vacation time has been good, I definitely know that I need more time than what I am taking, but it’s time with my kid. Doing stuff around town that we’ve always meant to do, but never have. Think this is called Living in the Moment. We are stopping to smell the roses, but not without a liberal application of mosquito repellent. If you want to see huge dragonflies, come to Saskatoon. I swear I saw one yesterday with a 10 inch wingspan.

And while I’m doing this, because I know a few of you have been waiting for it, the finale to Balance – Detective Watson Goodstone’s investigation into the tale of more people leaving the library than entered. This is all first draft, but the repercussions of this may show up in other Tales of King City stories.

That’s it, read, enjoy, tell your friends, send cookies,
I’m still here,


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