HELP! and Friday Fiction : Tales of King City – Balance

Okay, check this out. James Melzer, author of the Zombie Chronicles, Hulls Landing and a whole lot of excellent fiction is in a jam.

He needs your help. Seriously. He’s got a 3 book deal, an extremely talented fiancee whom he is trying to marry, and he could use your support. So if you can’t help but know who can, please send them that way. Okay? Seriously, Zombie Chronicles : Escape is amazingly good, and any more delays in his life will only delay Part 2 and 3 even more. Do what you can, cause there is serious amount of awesome the guy (and his soon to be family) delivers.

And in other news, it’s Friday, and I’m spoiling you all, with extra fiction posts. Here’s the next part of Detective Watson Goodstone’s investigation of the extra people, but now someone or something is killing them off. Tales of King City : Balance (Crash)

I’m still here,


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  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Pearce. It is greatly appreciated!

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