Throwaway Lines! and Tales of King City : Balance Part 4

Also thinking about starting up a twitter meme. Had a conversation where I had to explain that the ‘throwaway line’ is sometimes better than the punchline, and is actually funnier than any joke. Try it out… when you are walking into a room, just over your shoulder say something like….

We never found the goat.

Her name was Sheldon. Yes, Her.

I couldn’t fill the hole.

Strangest Pie ever. But I liked it. I dream about it.

I couldn’t find the knobs.

But I think Least I Could Do has one of the best uses of the throwaway line. Go read, enjoy, get offended.

What else is going on… Oh yes, had a great writing session today. Got over 2k in words on Balance. As it is first draft, I still like the concept, but I know I can do a better version of this. But as people have been asking for the next part. Here it is. Part Four of Watson Goodstone’s improbable investigation of the extra people inserted into the reality of King City. Previous parts can be found here.

I’m still here,
P.S. Check this out for JC Hutchins latest fiction creation for Discovery Channel. Watch Twitter feeds for #stillhere. This is for the next season of The Colony… and one of the coolest uses of social media I’ve seen in quite a while.

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