Flash Fiction – The Process

Me: Here, read this. *hands over netbook, proceeds to drive*

Kid with netbook, reading, Phil Rossi’s Crescent soundtrack playing : Okay, its giving me the creeps. And the music isn’t helping.  It’s good.

Me : The problem with it is, it works as a flash fiction short story on its own. But its too good of a concept to leave it there.

Kid : Yeah. *pause* How old is Gus?

Me : Figure about mid 60’s, widower, balding. So what do you think, short story or novel?

Kid : They both could work.

So that’s the motivation and the crucial  angst I have right now. Its almost too good for just a short story, and it works in just over 500 words. The concept however, demands more. I’ve had a few other people take a look at it as well, and they like it as it is, and want to know when the rest of it is coming. I’ve got a couple other people who I’ve asked to do guest edits for it, so there is some interest on that end.

Here’s my largest problem with the story. Every outline I’ve used to continue the story ends up getting scrapped. The structure is too weak, the flow is so cliche it could be produced by a writing bot or maybe a dozen monkeys in a room to produce.

That’s my current writing angst.

I don’t write because I want to, I write because I have to.

I’m still here,



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