Beer Review – Paddockwood : Salute the IPA

Paddockwood India Pale Ale 606

Ah yes, the IPA, the India Pale Ale. So many different variations, so many different styles. The term pale comes from the fact that the original style was made from a pale malt.

Paddockwood produces a really decent dark amber IPA. Some of the features of this sharp tart brew include minimal head and could be mistaken for a double IPA. Fruity nose and first taste, ending with a nice sharp tartness that will kill any summertime thirsts. It has a lighter body and has a clean aftertaste with a hint of orange on the back end. This is not like other Pale Ales which may be filling.

A whole lot of character here. I recommend this for someone who wants a change of pace beyond the standard mainstream brews. For someone who wants to get away from the hype of lime.

I’m still here,


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