The Grit of it all

Deep south, humid and dark with southern gothic secrets, a music style is born. Blues emerges as a dominant form of music to create such guitar and blues men as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker. From the inclusion of pop and swing from the dance hall days gives birth to Rockabilly; a style that incorporates traditional harder edged country. More studies into Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top, Carlos Santana, Thorogood.

Johnny Grit is a fun ride down blues and rockabilly backroads with a rock mixtape blaring on vintage vox amp headed towards bar band legend highway. Drum solos and beats that are at times a study in Buddy Rich, other times are almost glossed over. Heavy bass lines only let up for tempo switches which only bring out the rock. Guitar solos at times seemed a little disjointed, but was a reminder that this is only mainstream influenced, not mainstream. Vocals include some of the cleanest rasp I’ve heard in quite a while.

Last nights show was a full house at Buds on Broadway. The release party for their cd Make Liars brought out the old fans of the band and the recently inducted. 11 Tracks on the CD are an overall look at the styles Johnny Grit can perform. From the Tarantino-esque Escape from Mexico, to rockabilly style of Goin’ Back. A majority of these were performed. Cover songs also got the crowd going and fun improv on the Police’s So Lonely with a surprise appearance from Oral Fuentes. Surprisingly mixed in a tribute to Bob Marley, which brought down the house. Yah mon, everything is gonna be allright.

Lot of happy faces across the crowd from all walks of life. From the artsy dreadlocked, pinup corsets and tattoos, truck drivers, blue collar workers, suits and straw fedoras. Complete strangers giving each other head rocking nods in agreement. And the dance floor was not empty either. Grooves, rifts and beats that get guys dancing….

Which brings me to my next point. The strangest part of is what a friend has called the Man-omenon. Whenever Johnny Grit plays, there seems to be a group of guys who are on the front line, fist pumping with the beats and rifts. There were some last night, but reports say that there have been a lot more Dudes. This guitar rock appeals to the dream of every guy who thought they could play guitar but really couldn’t.

Unfortunately for me, I can barely dance, and my musical talent has just stretched to learning how to play the stereo last week.

Live shows will rock, you must attend. Slightly more country and slower tempos on the cd. Reminds me of the difference between the live show of Clutch and the album versions. One thing is for sure, I do know good guitar rock when I hear it.

I’m still here, support local,

Johnny Grit is
Vocals/Guitar Fabian Minnema
Bass/Vocals – Chris Richardson
Guitar/Vocals – Kyle Dixon
Percussion – Randy Farkas
Organ – Ross Nykiforuk
Trumpet – Barry Redford

You can find more information on them on the interwebs


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