Outdoor Nostalgia

The more I geocache, the more I start to remember summer afternoons of my youth on the farm. There were places and gullies explored. Occasionally I could pick up the odd game trail, and there was signs here and there of life. Racoon tracks, rabbit burrows, and even the one year, a pair of owls that took roost near the farm house.

The inconveniences of my youth have definitely brought me to strive for a higher technological lifestyle. Running water at the age of 6, hot running water age 7, the year without electricity, finally in my teens where I could adjust the heat of the house by pushing a little switch and not having to haul firewood. Trust me when I say this, when using firewood for your main and only source of warmth in Canadian winters, it kills the romance of having a fireplace.  And if I think about it, killed both rotator cuffs in my shoulders. Heating up buckets of water on the firestove to have standup baths. It was pretty much camping. Indoors. A pioneer youth for me.

It wasn’t all bad though. Riding my bike around the countryside, exploring small marshlands, finding clearings and old rusted farm equipment. I didn’t have internet, I had books. I didn’t text people, I phoned them or wrote letters. That’s another rant for another time…

Why the nostalgia? Geocaches have basically brought me back to those places that I would have explored if I was a kid again. Getting in touch back with nature? From some scratches and cuts and bush rash, I’d say nature was getting back in touch with me. Hard. It’s a great way for me to exercise as well. Sunday I went out to Martensville and had my best solo day out yet. 5 caches in 2.5 hours. Two of them were in the off leash dog park on the east side of town. The Monkey Hills is what the local kids used to call them. Great little valleys, cresting hills tall enough to hide in. Trails for the more adventurous ATV or mountain bike. Marsh lands and a lot of ducks in the ponds looking at the Its a great little community.

So it’s Tuesday, I’ve got my weekly dose of KFC into me, as I’ve been eating way too healthy lately.

I’ve got new inspiration to write.

And most of all, Blue Jay. I haven’t seen one in years.

Guess who also was looking for Geocaches?

I’m still here,


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