Char Crust Porkchops and Zesty Spuds

Just a couple of our guests for tonight starring in the latest foodcrime. Did I mention that it really rocks having a chef for a room mate? With proper motivation, practically everything is possible.

Start with oil/ butter, herbs, or if you don’t have oil product you can substitute in for salad dressing. Kraft italian whipped up with soft butter, add in favorite spices including cracked peppercorn and garlic sea salt. Fold in potatoes, throw them onto a generous sheet of tin foil, leave small ping pong ball sized hole for venting. Throw this into oven at 350F for 15 to 20 minutes, or until desired tenderness.

Worse comes to worse, half cook them, then throw them into a frying pan to get crispy. Best comes to best, use bacon fat to crisp them up.

AAAAAND that’s a wrap.

Peel and quarter apple and pear, now to stop them from browning, you put a little bit of lemon juice in water and have them ready until they are ready for the frying pan.

Dice up a couple of larger shallots, and yes it does make a difference in flavour. Onions in this case will be too harsh and sharp.

Mmm... shallots

Porkchops done in previous rub recipe located here which really compliments the flavor of any pork product. Peppers, garlic powder, paprika, ground up in mortar and pestle to make it a little finer and so it will stick and form a better crust outside the chops when on the grill.

We got this smokey southern char crust to dredge the meat through. Really good stuff.

And where the magic happens. Meat. Fire. Man Happy.

Char my lovelies! Char!

Apples, pears, shallots into frying pan hot with a little oil. Add honey to help glaze, and two shots of cherry whiskey.  Amaretto can also be used.

Apple, pears, shallots, honey, cherry whiskey, and FIRE!

This over the spicy char crusted porkchops, magnifique. Complimented with the zesty spuds. And the ever present photogenic mixed green salad with russian salad dressing.


I’m still here, going for seconds,


And for some after supper reading…


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