Geocaching : Dry Spell over!

Finally broke the dry spell! Let it reign! That’s right, lately I’ve had a dry spell for geocaching, it’s been DNF after DNF. That’s Did Not Find for those of you who do not geocache.

Just outside of Saskatoon in the hamlet of Furdale, (N 52° 04.526 W 106° 43.071) is a dog park, great trails and a whole lot of people who bring their dogs for free walks and runs.

Don't worry, people looking out for each other

And people looking out for each other. If you lost your keys, check with the main post. Nice area too, lots of smiling people, happy dogs.

Typical Trail

It's right there, can you see it?

The geocache is in the photo. Really.  There are two ridges where the river used to be before the top ridge. It’s in there. You just need to find it. And take lots of photos of the locals, so you get the odd decent photo, such as….

Not my dog, named Harley, found ball. Happy.

There is some serious trees and bushes in the area. Reminds me of the stories my grandmother would tell me. Apparently at one point and time, the farm houses in Saskatchewan would have flag poles so you could actually point out which way to go. That’s some serious tree growth.

Finally made it to the river, and its gorgeous. Sun is beating down, reminding me that I’m a geek and that my melanin has been replaced with useless pop culture knowledge. Even the boys and their dogs agree.

Their dogs are running around, the boys conference

I headed north to find another geocache in the area, and found some interesting tracks. Definitely part of the river when the water gets high enough. But lucky for me, it was wide open to the other paths further north.

About the size of a small grapefruit, if my calculations are correct, that makes for a very large duck. I couldn’t stop there. It was very large duck country.

Beaver lodge or giant duck nest?

By this point, I deduced that Tolkein had to do a lot of walking through swampy places, as I saw the factory from a distance, I had the feeling that I still had a long way to go to Mordor.

Ominous, the geek walked on.

Tricky little squirrel, I almost got a shot of him.

But in this mess somewhere. Squirrel. Didnt think they were this far north. But I saw one. I waited ten minutes perfectly still, but still no sign of it. Then I remembered… Dog park. Squirrel hears sound, dives for cover. It was at this point things started to get dark. Luckily with my GPS, I have updated times for sundown, and did a quick calculation for how far I had to go back.

Moon over treetop

Then ooh, pretty sunset through the trees. It’s photos like these that my mother would love to paint.

Quick drive back into town, and rewarded myself again. With a chocolate malt.

Homestead Ice Cream

There is going to be another post about Ice Cream, and how Homestead is the pinnacle of all ice-cream-dom…empire… There will be another blog post in future.

Got a lot of walking in, pushed bush, learned some lessons. Long sleeve shirts and pants for the area. Need to outfit my geocaching tools with flashlight, extra batteries for gps, and some extra trash bags for finding trash along the way.

May 1st is the CITO event in Saskatoon. That’s Cache In Trash Out. Which while you are geocaching, or just out walking your dog, you see some trash, pick it up. It’s the only planet we’ve got, lets take care of our home.

I’m still here,


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