Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

Rogue - Dead Guy Ale

After working on wifi network problems, we decided to sample some brews.

Shayne Feltis – Brewer from Paddockwood, full time beer nut.
Nose dominated by apples. Every variety– complex, sweet, tart. Reminiscient of fine whiskeys and champagnes: fruity, nuanced, and at times dissonant. Satisfying tastes and aromas of apple pie and bread pudding, with a touch of bergamot orange.

Pearce Kilgour – Geek, procrastinated writer
Body of a stout, but superior cleaner than Guinness. Orange and lemon on the front end of tasting. Almost apricot on the fruit. White grape on the backend. Huge effervescent head, foamy, large bubbles. Recommend teriyaki stirfry or any grilled summer barbecue. Bacon bleu cheese burger or shrimp scampi. Pick up half gallon at your local store, share with 3 buddies.

Kris Klyne – Rocker, that is all.
Nice Orange color. Cloudy with a cider look and the apple flavour runs right with it. Has a hoppy feel that reminds me of all Paddockwood beers (think LOKI) but not as alcohol dominated. Apple,citrus, sugar cane. All Rogue’s seem to have medium to heavy carbonation with a distinct idea of flavour overtaking the final mix. Some beers you taste the beer first and the flavour second, but not with Rogues. “Dead Guy ale” doesnt live up to it’s name as you must be very much alive to take it all in. The Dead should be fed Coors Lite or Molson for the lack of originality. This has alot goin’ on and only the adventurous need apply.

Scotty Nydegger – Woooo!
A light brown taste with a dark orange color and taste. I like that it isn’t too strong with the alcohol taste at the end even though it is 6.5% and that it is light and not too filling. Reminds me about how awesome the Bruins are!!!!

For more information about Rogue – Dead Guy Ale, and other interesting brews, check their website.


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