Beer Review – Paddockwood Mai Bock

Paddockwood - Mai Bock

Just new on store shelves, the salute to spring and german lagers. This is a definite Bock, which may resemble a lager. Or as it came up, a Bogger…

Colour is a dark sienna which also is reflected in some of flavors. Almost a light dusting of cocoa apporaches on the back end. Its complex and refreshing. The reliable fruity taste on the midtone is not the standard grapefruit aspect usually found in PaddockWood brews. It leans towards a light passionfruit or a tart peach. Its sweeter and less tart than the other brews. Some of the nose has fine tobacco or some aged cedar. Back end also has almost a hint of fine roasted coffee with just a drop of almond extract. Head was minimal upon pour. Body is light, not filling. This is an excellent spring time beer.

With meal, I’m recommend something hot and spicy. It would be potentially dangerous to have friends over, share a few of these over chips and salsa nearby, as one flavor would counter the other. Quickly it could become an afternoon of indulgence.

For more information, please visit Paddockwood on the net, or in Saskatoon.


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