Still haven’t found

… What I’m looking for.

My skills as a geocacher are really novice. Until I actually get good at this, I am going to be logging a lot of DNF’s. In muggle speak, that’s Did Not Find.

I don’t think I’ll call them that.

I’m thinking I’ll be calling the whole exercise ‘Muggleproofing’ a lot of geocaches. I can’t find them. Good, they’ve been muggle proofed. They will be safe for the geocachers.

Yes, the term muggle is in honor of JK Rowlings Harry Potter series. Those who do not geocache or in the know of the worlds fastest growing sport, are called muggles. Sometimes an entire cache can go missing. Somebody decides to take it for their own, and spoiling it for everyone else. The phrase ‘cache has been muggled’ is sometimes reported.

Last evenings venture took me down to Diefenbaker Park. There were 3 geocaches I was trying to find.

A geocache can be a container of all sorts of shapes and sizes. One of my first ones was smaller than a dime and magnetic. When I spotted it, I signed a teeny tiny rolled up log inside. On a really dark night. Some of these have certain themes to them, so bring appropriate swag to trade. Trade even, or replace with better. Some are larger, but from what I’ve learned in Saskatoon, there is a lot of Micro in a Spruce Tree. (MIST is the acronym, I swear I’m going to find the 1920’s cipher telegraph book and use it for … possibly a story.) I can’t find the origin of the phrase, but ‘I use multimillion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods’ comes to mind.

I’m in it for the hunt… but so far, the geocache has become the most elusive prey.

The first is in Pioneer Cemetery. This grave site was first setup in 1884, a year after the community of Nutana was established. Even with the age of the plots, it has a certain feel to the place. Interesting seeing the old names and dates on the remaining gravestones as I stalked out where I thought was the geocache. No luck there, time to head over to the next one.

I decided to walk over, as it had been a while since I have gone for a longer walk. You can drive around the Diefenbaker park and stop at the various parking spots. Or do the healthy thing like I did. The second was one close to the public bathrooms. With people nearby training their dog, I broke out the battery drained camera and tried to look like I was going for some interesting upwards shots of the pine tree. When in actuality, I was looking for the cache with little success.

The other part of geocaching is making it look like you belong there. It’s a little suspicious for someone to go digging around a highly public area, looking for a hidden box. It smacks of… ‘well this is where my gun/drug/saffron/toner dealer has hidden my stash.’ I’ve also been known to carry a clipboard and make a few measurements on trees, noting time, staring intently at my GPS. I’ve looked official enough for people not to question what I’m doing. Which is quite strange, considering I’ve never felt like I’ve fit into any crowd.

The third is a Geo-Post Office cache. The idea is to have your postcards move between caches closest to the address. Geocachers from other cities come in, check it out, pick up postcards where they will be next and move them along. Why not use the post office? Because, you are actually getting your fellow Geocachers to move your treasure from one cache to another. How long will it take? Who cares! It’s all part of the fun.

So my plan was just to find this cache. I didn’t have any postcards to drop off, but I could at least log the cache, and then come back later with some kick ass postcard to cousins in the states just to try it out.

If I could find it.

3 in a row for the night. 3 DNF’s. The streak continues.

Main part, it got me out of the house, I walked for a good hour and a halfish. I got to see some of the new path constructions down by the river, which I will return once it dries up some down there. I got to see where the disc golf park is. Maybe I’ll pick that up as well, and suck at it equally as geocaching.

I’m still here, those geocaches are still out there, waiting…

For more information…
Pioneer Cemetary, Saskatoon
Okay, they don’t call it Diefenbaker Park

Maybe next post about Geocaching will be all about the acronyms… Comments?


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