The best fiction you haven’t read

It’s no secret that the publishing industry has been feeling the downturn as of late. Major publishers have been laying off employees by the hundreds in the last few years. Lets add a few more factors to this that won’t exactly help. Years of formula writing that has been tweaked by the larger companies to sell the most books. Yeah, I’m not happy about that either. Add in a captive audience who goes back to the same media and not finding variety or anything new. (By the way, you can use these same analogies for the music industry.) And thus comes the big push of the Internet. Independant artists can get their works directly to the audience. Hooray!

The beautiful part is these mass micromarkets can cater to your individual reading needs. If you wanted to read about how the CareBears are actually avatars for Greek gods who are fighting the forces of the My-Little-Valkyrie-Ponies… Chances are, there is a website with fan fiction on it.

The best part of this is that the diamonds really do shine out in the wild rough of the internet. Like success and good fiction attracts the same. Fortunately for me, I’ve found a motherload that won’t run out.

My current recommended Fiction Fixes.

Mur Lafferty – Playing for Keeps

Far beyond the standard Marvel and DC universes, Mur Lafferty presents a refreshing take on the superhero genre. When underpowered heroes face both the supervillains and the superheroes, something has to give. And this time, it’s in a bar. Smart read, realistic responses from the characters involved, lasting visuals. Mur’s writing has a brilliant cadence that flows for any regular reader. This is one that you will want to set aside an evening, disconnect the phone, and dig into. She also has the electronic and audio versions of the book. Trust me on this, it’s all great reading. I would love to see a full unabridged animated adaptation of this.

Matt Wallace – The Next Fix

I blame Matt Wallace for a lot of things. The biggest being my current fiction fix. I also blame him for renewing my passion for writing and reading. I also blame him for inspiring me to work harder at becoming a better story teller.
The Next Fix is a brilliant collection of short stories that will take you on a visceral romp through concepts that will blow your mind away. I can only describe his writing as being the bastard genius child of Ray Bradbury and Hunter S. Thompson. And in all honesty, that description doesn’t even come close to how good he can write.

Just remember, just because it’s on a recommended list or has that special sticker on it, or its on the ‘Must Read’ for the summer as recommended by someone who hasn’t seen the inside of used book store for decades… doesn’t mean that it’s good. Find those independant artists, they work harder for their art than anyone else in the mass media.

Stay tuned, more to come, I’m still here,


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